Nyquil Dreams, Super Heroes, and War

Have been mixing in my crazed brain lately. So – just for fun, I decided to google the search terms “Nyquil Dreams” to see what I would come up with. Apparently, I am not alone in my weird dream adventures as of late.

There’s a whole world of weird out there.

Guest starring so far has been: Barack Obama, Trip Weisman, and Harry Potter. OK, the HP I can understand – I read like 7 books devoted to this kid. BUT – Barack Obama? Come on! Who dreams about freakin’ Presidential Candidates? And Trip – yeah, he’s a character I made up. He’s a character in the movie we’re filming. That’s REALLY weird.

But last night – last night was the clincher. It starred not one, not two, not EVEN three – but at least 5 comic book characters. List-worthy perhaps? Me-thinks so!

1. Hellboy

2. Colossus

3. Wolverine

4. Cannonball

5. Jean Grey

And these characters – rather than being stand-alones, were actually interacting with one another. Hellboy and Colossus were not initially fighting each other – they were fighting some common enemy. Then something happened (as it often does in dreams) and these crazy heat-seeking missiles were being deployed by Colossus and at Hellboy. Maybe Colossus was being mind-controlled by the enemy? No matter – then they began fighting.

Hellboy’s pretty tough – and for some reason he was able to sustain the blast of these several small-ish missiles. Finally it came to a face-to-face show-down. Colossus slammed Hellboy up against a wall and freaking blasted him with hundreds of missiles.

And in dream logic – that seemed to do the trick. Colossus was freed – and reverted to his non-metal self. Hellboy can withstand fire-power (being a minion of hell) and it was a weird happy ending.

The next dream phase occurred with Wolverine starring (yet again) in his own comic – but this time, instead of leading or being a part of a team – he was the team himself. The psyches of both Cannonball and Jean Grey (along with their powers) – were loaded into Wolverine. He was being deployed to Iraq. I saw the cover issue very clearly – it was entitled “X-Men: Revisions.” For some reason – I was REALLY clamoring for this comic.

The writer – it turns out – was an Iraqi war veteran who had served three tours in Iraq, and wanted to tell the story of what was happening over there using comic books as some sort of allegory.

In the dream – this was destined to be a top-selling issue.

OK – I know where some of this is coming from – I recently started reading “The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay,” and the last bit I was reading before drifting off to sleep – Joe Kavalier was sketching comic-books wherein the protagonist is fighting a one-man war against Hitler. Post Nyquil shot I was thinking – wow, wouldn’t it be nice if modern Wars could be so clean cut? I know this is an overly optimistic view of what World War II was – because it was actually a really devastating war for Europe and for the soldiers fighting in it. But compared to the last two or three wars America has led – WWII was like Mom and Apple Pie.

In 2008 – sending a superhero off to fight the current war this country is embroiled in – what would that comic look like? What would the hero DO?

On another random whim – I googled “Wolverine fighting Nazis” just to see if that had been done before. And it has. But apparently in better taste than I would think…

Oh and Cap fought the Germans too…

I might type more on this later, but comics pretty much have their root in war propaganda – allowing kids and whomever else to get a taste of the action that was happening over seas, if they themselves couldn’t play an active role in it. Superman, Wonder Woman – some of the biggies saw their rise to fame propelled by battling the evil Germans and communists.

I’ve known this for awhile…but am just starting to make the connections to present day ideas. It would be hard to argue that Civil War had anything to do with relating Superheroes to the war we are currently fighting. That had more to do with the atmosphere of fear pervasive around the country.

Civil War also had/has LOADS to do with the freedom of information, and secret congressional meetings, and transparency in government (more on that later).

If anyone CAN point me in the direction of Superheroes and comics that are dealing with the Iraq war – I would be interested in checking them out. If only to satisfy my own curiousity, piqued, oddly enough – by a Nyquil Dream.

Much Love, Mindy C


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2 responses to “Nyquil Dreams, Super Heroes, and War”

  1. Michael says :

    Sorry dude, off the top of my head, i got nada. I’ll think about this all day tomorrow, though, and i’ll hit you back up.

  2. Kyle says :

    You know, I too googled nyquil dreams and this popped up, and I found one of the most interesting blogs i’ve read in a long time.

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