Hugh Jackman and Stan Lee at Comic-Con

I have to pass on another awesome link from the San Diego Comic-Con 2008. This is worth the watch just to hear Hugh Jackman say “berserker rage” with his Australian accent.

And Stan Lee finally says what I’ve been muttering all along about comic book movies – that they are finally being given the dimension that is present in comics. Maybe (gasp) even more so! I’m totally impressed by Stan Lee’s drive and energy at his age, by the way.

Anyways – watch these interviews (the clip is short, like two minutes). Hugh Jackman seems to know his stuff, and appears to get a kick out of the nerd orgy that is comic-con.

Also, here’s Hugh giving some love to the fans, and making a surprise appearance. He gives congrats and shakes the hands of the creator too!

I promise – a more substantial post in the future. Enjoy!

Much Love, Mindy C


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Mindy Crouchley is a 33 year old woman with a degree in English and Technical Writing from Portland State University. She has accumulated three+ years experience in the Marketing and Communications field - with an emphasis on creating digital media content. She has been reading comic books since she was 10 years old. She currently lives in outer southeast Portland with her spouse Dan Robertson, her baby girl, and their dog - Jabba the pug. She spends her free time devouring books, crafting cosplay, video gaming, attending comic cons, writing stories/screenplays, attending book to film adaptation club meetings, volunteering, and watching copious amounts of TV and movies.

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