X-Men: First Class

Why is it that Fox has it’s hands on all my favorite franchises (X-Men, Dollhouse, Spiderman)? And just WHAT the hell is this?

x_men_first_class_01X-Men: First Class.

It’s a comic book. It’s a movie. It’s a comic book movie. Another chance for Fox to get it right. But scarily enough – it could be an episode of The O.C. with super-powers. It will be penned by, Josh Schwartz, the scribe behind OC, Gossip Girl and Chuck. So I’ve never seen at least two of those television shows, and another one looks interesting, but never enough for me to actually tune in on a weekly basis. What I know about the first two? They’re about rich, bitchy teenagers. Yikes – color me NOT at all compelled.

Right – that’s my diminished fan-girl enthusiasm rearing it’s ugly head. But after a jarring final installment in the “adult X-trilogy” – the distrust is ripe and well warranted.

It’s hard to know whether or not Fox will fuck this up – 3rd entries in trilogies have a bad reputation anyway: Godfather 3 and Spiderman 3 being prime examples of that. In a movie trilogy, the second film seems to hit the right stride and the third blows goats. Who knows why?

But the big debate for this first movie is whether it will actually follow the comic book or not. According to the article, characters from previous films will be included, sans Cyclops, Jean Grey and Beast.

But Angel, Iceman, Rogue and Shadowcat are confirmed-ish. On this site. Here’s what an opposing viewpoint suggests. It’s pretty far off in the future (2010) and imdb is mum about any other details, unless you want to pay, of course. The chances of any other juicy details being leaked are slim for at least another few months.

While I wouldn’t mind seeing another X-Men movie in a year or so – I have Wolverine: Origins to sate my fan needs in the mean-time, especially since Gambit is finally making his big screen debut.

What’s troubling is that Magneto: Origins seems a bit stalled in movie production hell, and Ian McKellen ain’t getting any younger or prettier (but he does have the most adorable home page of any actor ever, which he obviously maintains himself). I would be surprised if the Magneto film sees the light of day. And also surprised if X-Men: First Class ever makes it out of talks. We’ll see.

But the idea of reading the X-Men: First Class miniseries is quite appealing.  Especially since I’ve tried in vain to read the real first 50 or so X-Men issues and could NOT stomach the writing of that time period.

Perhaps they will use some of this revamped series content? Actually sticking to the comic lore would be a first for Fox and the merry band of mutants.

Here’s a fan made trailer for the flick, while you wait.

Much Love, Mindy C


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2 responses to “X-Men: First Class”

  1. Michael says :

    Hm. Interesting. I hadn’t heard that they were going to make a movie out of this. But the First Class story really allows for a lot of rich storytelling opportunities. It’d be cool, if they did it right, like you said.

    I don’t know if you’ve been following the story you linked me to, re: Twitter, but her blog’s most recent entry is pretty hilarious with all the ramifications of the story:

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