X-Men Tattoos

In checking my WordPress stats, I see a common search term coming up over and over again. So, in recognition of people searching for X-Men Tattoos (a really arduous process requiring some patience)…I’m posting this here blog filled with pretty pictures and links to their origins. Hopefully it will be a helpful compilation!

Tattoo 1: X-Symbol


Tattoo 2: Rogue


Tattoo 3: Phoenix/Jean-Grey


Tattoo 4: Gambit and Rogue


Tattoo 5: Wolverine


Tattoo 6: Phoenix / Jean Grey


Tattoo 7: Rogue


Tattoo 8: Storm


Tattoo 9 : Psylocke


Tattoo 10: Magneto


Tattoo 11: Gambit and Rogue


Tattoo 12: Beast and Psylocke


Tattoo 13: Nightcrawler


Tattoo 14: Phoenix

And this one is mine!

Here are some characters I didn’t see, but whose portraits I think would make very excellent tattoos:

Kitty Pryde:

82604-120438-kitty-pryde_superIt would be cool to have a small portion of her, like the part of her arm missing here, phased completely into the skin of the person getting the tattoo. Joss Whedon really amped up the significance of her character in my mind, and this is an undeniably bad-ass picture of her. Just the upper torso would do fine, I think.


cyclops11I know his character is always portrayed as a punk bitch, but I absolutely love this pose for him. He’s got a kick-ass mutant power, which he hardly ever has the chance to display.

Visually, he’s the least dynamic of the characters, but there is something really intriguing about the ferocity of his body here. He rare gets to let loose with his optic blasts, and the image is powerful when he does. I’m honestly surprised they killed him off so quickly in the film series, because his eye beams are probably the easiest to CGI, and most effective. *shrug*


angel1This is an iconic image from the Marvels series. I’ve never been a huge fan of Angel or Archangel or any of his incarnates, but this very striking.

I like the crowd beneath him as well – holding the sign that reads “devil” in a nice contrast between his actions, and the fact that he appears very much like an Angel.

Since this is a painting by Alex Ross – the greatest comic book artist out on the market, it would be difficult to find someone who could reproduce it well, but the effort expended might be worth it in the end, if your tattoo looked as amazing as this picture.


colossus1Last but not least – Colossus. He’s a bad-ass, has an interesting body construction and hulking frame which could be rendered nicely in color or black and white. This image isn’t especially dynamic, but there is something compelling about his posture and somewhat solitary expression.

He is often depicted in the midst of a rage of some sort, and my favorite moments with Colossus are when he is serene and thoughtful. The dude’s got soul, and this image lets that shine.

Alrighty, that’s all the tattoos (or potential tattoos) I have to offer folks at the moment. I’ll probably post a few pictures of my personal, potential tattoos at some point. So stick around. 🙂

Much Love, Mindy C


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17 responses to “X-Men Tattoos”

  1. iikingdanii says :

    But what about yours?

    • tinyheroes says :

      It’s pretty good, but it’s not done yet. It needs the space background. It needs to be a half-sleeve.

      Much Love, Mindy C

  2. chase says :

    all those are so bad ass ive wanted xmen tatts all my life 24 now n I still want some!@#$%^

  3. PSYLOCKE says :

    I have a Psylocke in my forearm, maybe I can share a picture of it =)

  4. Nir says :

    “Tattoo 9 : Psylocke” – It’s me!!! 🙂
    It’s kinda funny…

  5. Samma says :

    My tattoos are on here! You have no idea how excited that made me! (The Rogue and the Storm)

  6. hot geeky girls says :

    Greeeeeeeeat Blog Love the Infomation you have provided me .

  7. Daniel De Leon says :

    I Loved this book, it is just pictures of really good tattoos of many different styles, sizes, and artist. Really good quality quality pictures where taken so you are able to see every detail. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone.

  8. xxx tube says :

    Wow Your site is of the chain

  9. DK says :


    the start of my leg sleeve – gonna have Gambit, Cable, Havok and Nightcrawler with a Sentinel in the background

  10. clare says :

    Anyone seen a mystique tattoo?

  11. Karen says :

    like all the skin art!

  12. Coy says :

    What an extremely positive and inspiring post.
    I am always truly impressed by your offerings. You come up with very helpful ideas.
    Keep it up. Keep blogging. Really looking forward to seeing your next offering.

  13. Hildegarde says :

    Awesome issues here. I’m very happy to see your post. Thanks a lot and I am having a look forward to contact you.
    Will you kindly drop me a mail?

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