Yarn Stores Galore

A couple weekends ago I took an excursion to two Portland local yarn stores (LYS), and wrote up brief reviews on each:

Yarn Garden

One of three rooms stocked with yarns of all varieties

My first visit to Yarn Garden was certainly an adventure, and almost a bit overwhelming. It was exciting getting to meet all the much lauded brands of yarn in person. Ah, to touch the yarn that one only sees in pictures on the interwebs.

An amazing selection – at least three rooms full of all assorted yarns and a nifty cafe room – which might be fun to take a class in. Not sure if I’d spend too much time in there…I like to knit curled up on the couch with bad reality TV blasting in the background.

Liked the ease of finding the store location – would definitely come back here now that I know where it is and what sorts of yarns they have. Can’t wait to introduce my mother – I think she will be just as in love and overwhelmed as I was.

The customer service was fine – though I never really engaged anyone – I liked how they were not jumping down my throat or following me around while I squished all the skeins and muttered “It’s so soft.” They seemed quite willing to help. The ladies at the cashier engaged in some minimal conversation, seemed friendly.

It wasn’t really about the vibe of the store so much as the excitement of surveying their stash. I ended up going home with two skeins of Lamb’s Pride bulky weight in blue magic (pictured below).


Custom design your own yarn? Yes please.

My first introduction to Yarnia was at Crafty Wonderland in December – they had a booth and my friend purchased a skein. I was incredibly attracted to a skein as well, but disturbed by the idea of knitting all the somewhat “loose” strands together as one – and the price.

The price was a little too steep for my beginning knitter skills…but I’ve advanced over the last month, and when we entered Yarnia this past Sunday…I was amazed, thrilled and elated to find the skein of yarn I had drooled over a month ago. It was still on the spendy side…but I kept circling back, picking it up and cooing over it.

Now it’s mine – and I regret nothing. The next step is to find the right project for it (pictured below).

The lady knitting behind the counter was gracious, friendly and helpful. They had an Owls sweater hanging from the wall which was much petted by myself and my friend. It has me convinced this is my next major project!

The basement location is somewhat crappy and difficult to find if you are heading East on Division (heading West it’s more obvious), and the store itself is smallish…but fairly cozy, with a few chairs and knitting utensils. The lady behind the counter offered to let me knit with some of the yarn to see if I liked it. How’s that for service?

While not my go-to shop for all purpose yarns – I would definitely come here for a specialty project.

And finally, because I know you’re dying to see it – the yarns I procured during this excursion:

Custom yarn from Yarnia on the left - Lamb's Pride Blue Mist on the right


As more yarn store trips happen – I’ll update with pics and info. Luckily, Portland boasts about 10 more quality yarn shops for me to visit!


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