Lost in Lost: Lighthouse

Well, I was going to write up a recap about last night’s episode of Lost, but my buddy Erin beat me to it, and as she is the greater Lost-o-phile of the two of us, I will instead direct you to her blog.

A few things I need to muse over here:

The Lighthouse. How in the hell do these random-ass buildings keep popping up? I get that the nuclear bomb Juliet set off created all sorts of newness to the two separate timelines we have going now, but for seriously – in the last five seasons our heroes have traipsed all over the island and not ONCE noticed this friggin giant statue foot, lighthouse or temple? It’s OK for them to miss stuff like the Swan Hatch, cause that sh*t is buried in the jungle. But these buildings are a bit unreal.

And even Jack going so far as to comment on the fact that he’d never seen the lighthouse, is the writer’s way of winking at the audience. They understand that we are asking them, WTF? And they are shrugging as if to say, why not? Pfftt. Kinda lame in my opinion. But such are the mysterious mysteries of the Island.

Jack’s kid, David Shepard. Another ridiculous unveiling last night was that Jack has a kid in the Los Angeles/sideways timeline. At first his kid is kind of an annoying d-bag who listens to music all the time and doesn’t give a crap that his dad is struggling with his father’s death.

But wait – Jack has a freaking kid? And there’s a mystery mother (of course) and…he has a kid. Which opens up the concept that the sideways timeline doesn’t at all reflect reality as it was before the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. If the blast had only brought them back to the time immediately before the crash…Jack would not have a freaking kid. Because there was never ANY reference to David up until last night’s episode.

Which means all sorts of crap could be different with any number of characters. Or was that what the episode with John Locke was supposed to illustrate? Perhaps my frustration should be with the Helen/Locke situation rather than with random David Shepard. Who knows? Either way leads to madness.

The Numbers. So far the biggest reveal of Season 6 (The Last Season!) has been the meaning of the numbers – their relation to the characters. And even that mystery isn’t entirely solved, as we do not know which Kwon (Sun or Jin) will either leave, die or choose to replace Jacob as the Island’s protector.

Frankly – they’ve had five episodes thus far to resolve just one or two of the hundreds of questions Lost fans have compiled, and don’t seem to be accomplishing that task with speed or resolve.

I felt Hurley’s frustrations last night when he realized Jacob had led him on a wild goose chase so Jack could smash some mirrors and stare out at the sea. My only thought – does that mean that someone is coming or not? My guess is that we will find out. Sooner or later. Probably later.


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6 responses to “Lost in Lost: Lighthouse”

  1. Jen says :

    I think that the sideways timeline actually started when they set off the bomb in the ’70s, so anything that the island would have affected from that point has changed. So, that’s how Jack can have a kid and Locke could still be with Helen, etc.

    • tinyheroes says :

      Ah – that makes sense! I was thinking that Locke/Helen seemed a bit odd, but was too lazy to research where their relationship left off before he left for Australia.

      Any thoughts on who mystery mom might be? Perhaps he stuck it out with his wife?

      • Jen says :

        I assumed it maybe was the wife, but the internet seems to be abuzz with wondering. I don’t know how far in the past it was that they divorced in the original timeline, but since that kid was like, what, 13ish?, it gives a kind of large window.

        I did read the recap where he wondered whether it could be sideways Juliet, but I’m doubting that.

        • tinyheroes says :

          Is it wrong that I kind of hoped for a Sideways Juliet? I wonder what they’ll do with Sawyer, have they done a sideways Sawyer yet? I know he was the focus of one of the more recent episodes with the number reveal, but I don’t remember much else going on in that episode…

          But yeah – Sawyer has a kid in the original timeline. Sooo, perhaps he’ll have a kid in sideways world too?

  2. erninlow says :

    So my question about the bomb is if they destroyed the island how did all the Dharma people survive? Or did the bomb just set the time travelling back into motion because Juliet should have blown to pieces setting the bomb off. I dont know! I am even more confused now then I was before. Regarding Helen and Locke, she broke up with him before the island and when he went back to Los Angeles in season five he found out she had died. So I think it is right that the bomb changed everything and they could have different lives from what they had before.

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