Caprica: Season 1.5 Pulled from SyFy

Caprica. Round 2. Fight!

ACCORDING TO VARIOUS SOURCES ONLINE: Season 1.5 has been pulled from the airwaves after only airing three episodes  – to conclude the series in the final five episodes airing sometime in 2011, according to Boo. Another BSG spin-off – Blood and Chrome – will take it’s place.

This proves the theory that SyFy fans are not interested in religion, drama and ethical questions so much as space battles and war. Blood and Chrome promise both, so it’ll be back to business as usual. I’m heartily disappointed in the decision and after watching the somewhat train wreck of closing out the Dollhouse series in five episodes, I’m really hesitant about tuning in. Ugh. UGH!

Here’s another article about the end of Caprica which echoes some of my sentiments – but there are also elements I disagree with as well.

ACCORDING TO WHEDONAGE.COM: The second half of Caprica Season One will resume in September 2010. The Syfy website is reporting that five NEW episodes of Season One will air on October 5, 2010. That’s a looooong wait time. 😦

There should be official word from the Caprica camp about Season 2 around August 15, 2010 according to this interview of Executive Producer, David Eick at the San Diego International Comic Con 2010.

Here’s a video interview of David Eick and what to expect of the second half of Caprica Season 1.

Fresh from watching episodes 5 and 6 of Caprica last night, I greet a gloomy Monday morning with news that Caprica will most likely receive a second season.

And according to the comments from the article, people are now willing to really give the show a shot because they know it will be sticking around for longer than 24 episodes.

Which says something about the state of television. TV studios have been yanking great shows off the air before a following can even start to coalesce, and now viewers are being much more selective about what shows they fall in love with. It’s interesting then that cable networks are the ones allowing audiences the breathing room, while major television networks snatch a show off the air after three or four episodes have run. As this kind of crap continues, I see more people fleeing to cable shows (even paid cable fare, like True Blood).

Actually, I’m hooked to the point where I would have finished watching Season One, even if I knew there was no hope for Season Two. Please do yourself a favor and watch episodes five and six. The creative team behind BSG and Caprica have a way of changing the pace of a show (decreasing or increasing plot tempo) from episode to episode. Speaking of which…


Episodes Four and Five

I really was hoping for a little more fall with the Graystones in public opinion during these episode – it was all building nicely. Besides the physical damage they’ve sustained, it was great to watch them squirm uncomfortably on the Caprica talk show, but I felt like they needed a bit more of a dramatic tumble. Their world is still a tad too safe for me, and I’m also not entirely convinced the Graystones should be redeemed without a bit more tumbling in the dirt. It’s tough not to love Paula Malcomson as Amanda Graystone – she is so damned captivating on screen.

Captivating enough that even if her character is irritating me, I’m still making excuses for her. Kinda sounds like an abusive relationship.

Take for example – the police searching her house. She’s understandably pissed, but it’s still quite irritating how haughty she is about the process. Woman – your daughter may have been responsible for blowing up a train-load of people. Who cares if the police are searching through her stuff? They should have been allowed access a long time ago, and Amanda should have been the one to let them in.

Of course the other plot elements which have been sitting on the back burner were pushed forward – specifically that of Tamara Adama (intentional rhyming?). She is another sentient Avatar trapped in the V-World, and she almost immediately falls in with a rough crowd. The V-World is intriguing with it’s anything-goes-Matrix-style trappings, and it was quite fun to learn more about  how it operates. Watching Tamara grow from a frightened and confused girl within the world, to a woman who understands her power was pretty extreme. Caprica, please do not blow your wad this season. Give these stories some time to breathe. There’s no imminent danger of cancellation now guys, so you can relax with the rapid fire switches. Maybe even let the characters crack a smile now and again.

There was also the question about whether or not Sam Adama would go through with murdering Amanda, as requested by Joseph. It was a pretty intense build-up, and so the conclusion of this two episode plot-line was kind of a letdown. The interaction between Amanda and Sam was engrossing, and worthy of watching. Perhaps that’s ghoulish, given the overtones of his potentially murdering her – but there is a visible sizzle on the screen any time the Adamas and Graystones collide with one another.

Unfortunately, what was pushed forward a bit but fell completely under my radar due to lack of interest was the Soldiers of the One and their meanderings. The whole interaction between Lacy Rand and her STO boyfriend never captured my attention fully. The scenes with Polly Walker and her group lovers also blurred by. Probably will have to go back and rewatch those sections so I don’t completely lose that plot thread.

Battlestar worked because pretty much every episode it kept the multiple storylines churning forth. Where Caprica falters a bit (as is evident in these two episodes) is in it’s inability to keep all the storylines together at once. Lost also periodically suffers from this problem, and it’s more the result of managing multiple storylines and characters than anything else. The juggling of all these elements is not enough of a distraction yet to turn me off, but it’s certainly a sticking point.

What’s Next

The teaser for next week flashed by rather quickly, but did I spot Spike lurking somewhere in V-World? YES I surely did. James Marsters appears exceptionally bad-ass in his single clip, and looks more intimidating without the Billy Idol fashion stylings.

I love how my favorite shows swap these amazing actors back and forth. According to the article he is Barnabus Greely, a dangerous and engimatic leader. Which could mean he’s STO or some kind of ruler in V-World. While I would love to see him in the Matrix, I think he could really boost the STO plot-line.

Either way – it’s great to see him back on quality television programming.


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23 responses to “Caprica: Season 1.5 Pulled from SyFy”

  1. Swampie says :

    This show is AWESOME…. AWESOME…
    It was like a great roll-a-coaster ride, It grabs you at the beginning and then you just hold on.

    Of course it helps if you were a huge fan of Battlestar.

    ONE HUGE ISSUE IS it’s hard to build a following with 9 episodes a season, a great show requires great commitment. You own that hour, that time slot each week is yours and you really need to have your show there, it helps build the following. Now a season of 18 shows cut in half works, nine and nine in the summer and winter or spring and fall.

    Too many great programs have been killed because they weren’t on long enough to get that following, by the time word of mouth gets around the season is over.

    • Guttie says :

      I agree with one part of the article where he says they pull shows off the air before they get a following. Also I am one of those that didn’t want to bother with caprice till I knew there was a second season. After 4400 was canceled I said screw it I’ll watch a series when it’s done.

      Can’t the tv stations budget series to completion weather they are good or not?
      Like with lord on the rings.. Film the series completely produce it… Then release episode by episode.
      It’s not like they don’t have the money to back it.

  2. anonymous says :

    i want season season 2 or 1.5 or whatever they call it now: when does it start ? what time ? what day ? how long is it ? 30 minutes or 1 hour ? &, will be cylon(s) in it, in their classic look and voice, is the best part i think.

    • tinyheroes says :

      It looks like they’ll finish off Season One starting September 17th, 2010. Still no official word on Season Two yet.

  3. anonymous says :

    and, will there be cylon(s) in it, in their classic look & voice, is the best part i think.

  4. meme says :

    I’m with the other comment – when is season 2?

  5. Ray says :

    Caprica rocks! Bring it back soon!

  6. stacia says :


  7. Joe Malave says :

    WOULD love to see another Season. It’s much better than I imagined…The plot has so much fertile ground for writing more great episodes.

  8. Marty says :

    The show is awesome! There are lots of problems with “TV PEOPLE” these days though. First , lots of viewers watch the most though provoking shows on the internet sites, way more than they think. This might keep ratings down. Who has time to figure out when these buffoons will air a show on what day, how many months hiatus they will have before airing more.

    “Flash Forward” and “Defying Gravity” were cancelled. Warehouse 13 had a funky break in episodes as well as Caprica.

    People who like such shows are usually more tech savvy and find them on the net to watch them when they have time. Other mindless shows have droves of people that just plop in front of the tv on established nights of tv watching.


  9. Jsam says :

    Awesome!!! This show is great! Great actors and Great writing!

  10. JB says :

    I never even watched Battlestar Galatica yet im hooked on Caprica and I cant wait for the new episodes I love this show

  11. Keyra says :

    This guy that I really like introduced me to Caprica and now I love the show almost as much as I do him. This show is great

  12. Jeffrey says :

    Well, i am so in love with this show, i’m so glad the girl of my dreams is watching it too, so I can spend so much time with her discussing it with her. I’m so happy she is watching it, when it starts it will give me a great chance to tell her how much i love her, just like I did today that I got to be the first to tell her the great news. I feel so happy, but I feel so bad she doesnt like me.

  13. Joy says :

    Watching Caprica, see you later… Trying not to read any Caprica spoilers from last night’s episode :s.

  14. Brian says :

    Loved the show but I guess SyFy are just as bad as the other networks.

    I shan’t watch Blood and Chrome until I read good reviews about it’s third series.

    I shan’t buy it until I’ve watched it and love it.

    So there you go SyFy you now have to prove yourself more than if you stuck with the show you started with.

  15. says :


    God said to others in plural: we make the man and woman to image and similarity of God, with the holoband they made the virtual heaven.

    CAPRICA……………is similary

    Alf John

  16. Frank K says :

    Caprica has a good storyline but it takes too long to get to the point. The audience becomes board fast. This is likely the reason for poor ratings. Same thing with “Surface,” which could be resurrected with some additional action and less BS. Both shows are worth fixing and should be. Key is to dump wrestling altogether from SYFY and get back to having modern series- like Caprica. NO MORE vampire movies- they are boring, waste of air time and have the same story lines.

    We need some new writers or less interference from management- same old story.

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