Cupcake for Kennedy

Frustrated with my lack of progress on any knitted related items last week, I broke down and started a project I’ve been ogling for the last month or so – a cupcake hat for my niece, Kennedy.

It also helped that Craft Warehouse was selling Vanna’s Choice for $2 a skein, and they had the perfect cupcake colors…which I’ve been scouting since I found the pattern. Well, I thought they were the perfect cupcake colors, anyway.

The pattern is actually deceptively easy – k2p2 ribbing for a few inches, then cast on your frosting color, knit for about 4-5 inches, decrease, bind off – make your cherry red pom pom and attach. I used size 8 circular needles (16″).

The hardest part for me was figuring how to add another color – something I’ve done before (like, five freaking years ago), but the visual effect of those first attempts left something to be desired. It was actually quite easy to add the color on the circular using this tutorial:

Knitting Tips by Judy is an awesome tutorial video series and she’s been my go-to for awhile with any really difficult projects.

Unfortunately – the outcome of the hat has left something to be desired. I love the color for the cupcake bottom, but the top frosting color just doesn’t work…especially with the cherry pom on top. The pom needs to be cut down a little more.

Cupcake or breast? Is there really a difference?

And the whole thing just looks like a breast to me. Less so when it’s on someone’s head…but I’m not really seeing “cupcake” here. There are a few other Free patterns on Ravelry which add a bit of a fringe where the cupcake bottom and top are joined, so I might try that. Unfortunately, the only pattern available is done with some kind of machine knitting. It might be up to me to figure out the fringe. Here’s an example:


My absolute favorite cupcake pattern is still in the test-knitting phase, but will eventually be published on this website.

This pattern will be the one I use for Kennedy’s hat. How can you not love the little bumps of frosting?


So, she might have to wait a bit to get the finished object, but it will be worth it if I can get my hands on a decent pattern! In the interim, I might whip up another – lamer cupcake hat which will actually fit Kennedy. This first one is WAY too big. Probably cast on 50 stitches instead of 80. And think it’s going to be a chocolate with a different colored frosting. 🙂 This is a great stash busting project, btw!


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