Lost in Lost: Sundown

This is a day late because my DVR ate this episode of Lost and I had to wait to watch it until after I got home from work yesterday. God bless Hulu, everyone.

There was a bit of buzz generated by my friends who actually got to watch the show around the fact that it was Sayid-centric. We get to see his sideways reality. Turns out he is a bad-ass no matter what time-line he’s in. But there definitely some serious beefs with this episode, which relate to the show in general.

For a recap, see this blog here. What follows is going to be my bitching and/or lamenting.

*Contains Spoilers*

1. Claire Littleton 

So, why is she evil again? I can certainly understand the transformation of Sawyer over to the ‘dark side’ because he’s muddied his hands a bit in the water and committed some serious violent crimes.

But Claire Littleton? There is still no good reason that she walked away from her child an entire season ago and joined Christian in that weird cabin (except for the fact that Emilie de Ravin landed a couple of plush film roles). And now she’s back in the fold – 100% evil and totally bat-shit crazy for Aaron, the baby she abandoned in the jungle.

I’m not really buying this plot-line and the writers don’t seem in too great a hurry to flesh it out, if ever. They seem content with basically ignoring character motive here. *sigh*

Also annoying – why is Kate the only one who gives a crap about her? This is in keeping with some other parts of the show which have gone South, mainly any sense of bonding that the survivors felt with one another. Their connection is totally…lost. It makes me care less about what happens to them when they don’t really care about each other. That’s what you get for screwing around with time travel in your plot. It takes the audience out of the intimate world that the Island had created and implants instead a bunch of strangers.

Take Miles for instance…what is he still doing around? He’s the only freighter dude still left, and his presence stinks to high heaven of red shirt. None of the survivors seems especially attached to him – he just sort of follows them around because he has no other group to cling to now.

My special irritation is with Jack. He now knows that Claire is his half-sister, and yet has done virtually nothing to care for his Nephew or locate her. This guy is supposed to be our hero? Pffft.

2. Sayid Jarrah

Apparently, after being redeemed several times throughout the shows run and proving over and over again that he feels remorse for all the pain he’s inflicted, it all boils down to this one episode where the writers finally admit that yes – Sayid is an evil Iraqi.

Predictable. He’s the only guy with dark skin left. And yet somehow Ben Linus who freaking killed Jacob is going to come out on the side of the Angels.

“Sundown” tries to sell the assumption that he is a murderer in the Island and Sideways realities and he will never get the girl. Therefore, what’s the point of living and doing good deeds?

It just doesn’t jive with the last five seasons of the show. And doesn’t bode well for the final episodes that sudden character switches are happening without any real motivation established.

On the other hand – Sayid was pretty sexay, beating ass and mooning over his ill-fated love with Nadia.

Hmph. Not liking this direction at all. But what’s done is done. Claire and Sayid are apparently evil, as stupid as that may be.


That’s really all I have to vent about. The rest of the episode was doing it’s work to move the plot forward. According to the following trailers for next week – Linus is going to get his. Good.

And a sneak peek as well.


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2 responses to “Lost in Lost: Sundown”

  1. erninlow says :

    I am still in the middle about this episode. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. Scoop from says that March 23rd is suppose to be a Richard-centric episode. This better be true because I am very excited for it! He is one character that I have always wanted a story from.

    • tinyheroes says :

      Richard’s the dude with the eyeliner, right? That could be cool. So that means the 16th could be the Sun and Jin or Hurley episode?

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