April 2010 is Comic Book Month in Portland, Oregon

And to kick off the event – Stumptown Comics, the Sequential Art Gallery and McTarnahan’s Brewing Co. hosted an art show at the Portland Center for Performing Arts.

Dan Robertson and I attended, had a few drinks with locally distilled vodka and brewed beer, then took in the art. Mayor Sam Adams made an appearance and officially proclaimed April 2010 to be Comic Book Month in Portland, Oregon.

Free guided tours featuring the PCPA exhibit as well as other local galleries (City Hall) will be provided to Stumptown attendees during the fest. Lots of cool artwork up on the walls. Really stoked for the Stumptown Comics Fest at the end of the month.

Check out a video I put together of the Mayor’s speech. An entertaining, funny and laid back dude.

A List of the 40+ Featured Artists:

  • Alexis Fajardo, “Kid Beowulf” – presented by Bowler Hat Comics (
  • Anthony van Winkle, “Night Zero” (
  • Aron Nels Steike, “Big Plans” & “Super Crazy Cat Dance” (
  • Barry Deutsch, “Hereville” (
  • Benja Barker, Founder – Alter Egos Society (
  • Brian Cattapan, “ZEEK… the martian geek” & “Vampires Need Love, Too” (
  • Catherine Peach, “Catgirls, Vol. 1 & 2″ (
  • Chris Baldwin, “Bruno” & “Spacetrawler” (
  • Chris Cilla, “Global Hobo” (
  • Chris M. Butzer, “Gettysburg: The Graphic Novel” (
  • C.L. Dahlstrom, “Captain Donovan on Danger Planet” (
  • Daniel DePaolo, “The Brass Knuckle Rituals” (
  • Derek Stubbs, “The Min” & “Mr. Popularity” (
  • Dylan Meconis, “Bite Me!” & “Family Man”, (
  • Erika Moen, “DAR! A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary”, (
  • Farel Dalrymple, “pop gun war” & “Wrenchies”, (
  • Garret Izumi, “The Big Bang” (
  • Greg Bigoni, “Mudtown” (
  • Indigo Kelleigh, “Ellie Connelly” (
  • James Michael Williams, “White Male Neurosis” (
  • Jonathon Dalton, “A Mad Tea Party” (
  • Josiane Keller, “Usagi-chan: a feminist graphic novel”
  • Katy Ellis O’Brien, “Featherheart” & “Letters from Underwood” (
  • Lukas Ketner, “Witch Doctor” (
  • Marc Palm, “Lair of the Psychic Creature” (
  • Maris Wicks, “Project Romantic” (
  • Matt Metzler, “Copyjerk” & “Exit Only” (
  • Mike Lawrence, “Salamander King” (
  • Monica Toth, “Helper Robots” (
  • Natalie Phillips (
  • Neal Skorpen, “Island of Moths” (
  • Oxleberry, “Oxleberry” (
  • Paul Guinan, “Boilerplate” (
  • Philip Barasch, “Hand Hewn” (
  • Sarah Oleksyk, “Ivy” (
  • Shannon Wheeler, “TMCM” & “The New Yorker” (
  • Skylar Amann, “Action Bookbinding” (
  • Susan Tardif, “The Ravens’ Gambit” (
  • Terrytoledo, “Sid Love” (
  • Tom Lechner, “Tales of Inertia” (
  • Tom Neely, “I Will Destroy You!” (
  • Tony Morgan, “Chicken Leg Bone Boy” & “Throwing Bones” (
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