Charlaine Harris Book Signing in PDX: Recap

The Charlaine Harris book signing took place last night at the McMenamin’s Bagdad Theater Pub in Portland, Oregon. Along with our ticket, we purchased a copy of her new Southern Vampire Mysteries book – Dead in the Family. This is the book series that the True Blood series is based on, btw. The books are focused primarily on Sookie Stackhouse, whereas the television series takes side character detours, and it’s awesome and refreshing to read content with a strong female lead.

LOADS of ladies in attendance. A few dudes too, but for the most part we were surrounded by women.

The signing started at 7pm, but I didn’t get to the line until 6pm, and by that time it was already halfway down the block. We still ended up with decent seats – there really isn’t a “bad” seat in the smallish auditorium. This was the first time I’ve been inside the Bagdad Theater…it’s like a fucking cave in there. Yes, the lighting is very Casablanca-noir…but people were seriously tripping over one another.

Loved that the signing took place in a brewpub. We got beer and pizza to munch on while being entertained by the lovely Charlaine. She is hilarious and sweetly Southern. There’s a lot to be said for that famed hospitality.

Took a lot of video – here’s the first one. Check the others listed under my WalrusGrdn YouTube tab:

Lots of great quotes – my favorites:

“If my Lafayette was like TV Lafayette, I would have let him live too.”

In response to a question about whether she would prefer sex with a vampire or shape-shifter – “depends on whether you like things hot or cold.”

Advice for the San Diego Comic Con – “Have a good time, wear comfortable shoes and drink lots of water.”

And no, I didn’t ask the last question.

And here’s a few pics of myself, Smalls and my lovely mother. We hung around and got a personalized book signing from Charlaine after the Q&A.

The ladies with a signed book and the marquee in the background. Yes, they did misspell her name.

Smalls and My Mom posing with their newly acquired books

Charlaine Harris was such a darling on the stage. Wished the Q&A could have lasted longer!

I was much more articulate in the face of celebrity than at Emerald Con. Stumptown improved my ability to banter with those I admire. Feeling pretty confident about not making an ass of myself in San Diego…but we shall see.

It was a lovely evening. Always great to meet and greet authors of a favorite book series – especially since it seems that we won’t be able to get much face time at Comic Con. While I’d like to stop by her booth, it will no doubt be crowded as sin. Just one more thing to tick off the list (leaving the schedule open for oodles of activities). Can’t wait to find a spare evening to open Dead in the Family. You can certainly look forward to a review.


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Mindy Crouchley is a 33 year old woman with a degree in English and Technical Writing from Portland State University. She has accumulated three+ years experience in the Marketing and Communications field - with an emphasis on creating digital media content. She has been reading comic books since she was 10 years old. She currently lives in outer southeast Portland with her spouse Dan Robertson, her baby girl, and their dog - Jabba the pug. She spends her free time devouring books, crafting cosplay, video gaming, attending comic cons, writing stories/screenplays, attending book to film adaptation club meetings, volunteering, and watching copious amounts of TV and movies.

7 responses to “Charlaine Harris Book Signing in PDX: Recap”

  1. erninlow says :

    This was my favorite: “depends on whether you like things hot or cold.” HA! Had so much fun last night. I have already started the book! I do wish she could have talked longer because she had so many interesting things to say. I liked her thoughts on the show and glad she likes it. It would be so interesting to talk to her face to face and ask questions. Glad we did this before Comic Con because there would be too many people.

    • tinyheroes says :

      Yeah – we aren’t going to try and hit her up at Comic Con, are we? I think it might be a bit pointless.

      Haven’t started reading the book yet…I’m in the middle of Book 3 of Vampire Diaries, and haven’t even cracked the spine on The Road yet.

      So much reading!

  2. Addie says :

    I had that kind of easy banter with one of my favorite authors (Douglas Coupland) last fall and it was SO much fun! Glad that you’re figuring out how to navigate it. Definitely makes the experience a lot richer – the spontenaeity of authors / creators in the flesh.

    Reminds me that I need to look at your ComicCon plans… whoo!

    • tinyheroes says :

      I know – it’s coming up fast! I wish they would put the agenda up at least month in advance…but ah well. We need to get together the weekend after it comes out and make a giant master plan, which we can stick to or modify depending on how we feel. But my brain will not rest until I have everything planned out, even if we don’t stick to it. I don’t confess to understand it.

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