Lost Series Finale Recap

Mentioned earlier this week that I was going to be busy this weekend prepping for the Lost Series Finale Party hosted at my sister’s place. It went off last night with a few hitches, but overall I think people enjoyed themselves.

Here are some pics to recap all the jolly good times:

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I know a lot of people out there are pissed off at the religious/death cop-out…but for me personally the ending felt deeply emotional and quite satisfactory, which reflected some of my favorite parts of the series itself. I’ve never been as rabid for Lost as I have been for something like X-Men. Actually, can’t think of another show that I’ve had viewing parties for. Most of my other TV viewing has been done privately, at home with Dan or my parents. In this regard, Lost was truly a phenomenon for me. And perhaps the start of tradition for shows that my friends and family are excited about.

The other TV shows in my Top 10 (BTVS, Angel, Firefly, BSG, Deadwood, True Blood – to name a few) have all been approached mostly through DVD, so there’s a certain laze one is allowed to effect. I kind of like consuming my obsessions in chunks, rather than doled out limply over an entire year. Plus – no commercials.

“Live” viewing of shows, with other people engaged in them – is a pretty enjoyable past-time. I could definitely see having at least one show at a time that I watch communally and celebrate with friends and family.


Not sure if I can. It’s a bit too soon, and this series was never about that for me. Sure, I got pissed off along with a lot of other people and stopped watching for awhile. Or railed against burning questions left un-answered. But in the end – life is best as a mystery. Things quite often happen randomly, with no meaning in the grand scheme of things at all. What I witnessed last night and shared with a room full of people was something more than that. I’m not quite sure what it was…but it felt right. There’s really no other way I can describe it.

It felt like it respected the material and the series arch that it was always aiming for. Though I would have liked it to be about Kate, Claire and Juliet…it was Jack’s journey. We woke up with him on the Island. We watched him, time and time again – deny faith and belief…but ultimately come to accept it. That arch – the religious and heroic arch, was always there. Burning away in the background. It was more present in the first few seasons, which many people claim are the best. So, it felt true to what I initially remember loving about the series – the mystical and mysteriousness…which so often we demand answers to but rarely receive.


Lost has always felt to me like one of the best handling of a LARGE ensemble cast I’ve witnessed on any screen. There were at least six to eight main characters at any given time. That’s a lot of story to tell and when Lost was really cooking, it was pushing these stories forward almost effortlessly and developing characters without making their archs or motivations feel forced. But Lost was not ALWAYS really cooking. And that’s cool, no show is ever 100% all the time.

I’m not a Lost theorist. Or a trivia geek. I don’t really play the numbers game or keep too many tabs on historical data. Most shows I love shine best for me when they slow down and examine their more human elements. That’s how a brilliant series about robots in space, Battlestar Galactica, is able to capture and hold my attention. The same with Lost – it gives you just enough character love to be able to then reasonably cram some audacious act into the next episode, or next five minutes. Making science fiction and supernatural elements welcome in the mainstream is all about playing a little give and take.

Yes – this show was not consistently brilliant. I’m sure nothing ever is. Nor will the story retain a consistency through all six seasons, I’m sure. They might not have had five or six seasons of a show all mapped out on paper (as we were told early on). Does that make my experience of the show any less? Not really.

Perhaps because I didn’t have as much invested as some folks (I watched all six seasons, but not voraciously – only once and sometimes with large gaps in between seasons). Investment and sentimentality can skew things for you.


I didn’t have any expectations going into the finale. I was mostly worried about pulling off a good party and making it fun and engaging for my friends and family members who are much more invested in the series than I am. I hope that happened. I had a great time – laughed and cried in a communal setting with a group of people who really loved the show.

If you didn’t love the show or watch it or care about it…now is the time to let go and move on with your life. Let the folks who cared about this entertainment mourn.

It’s simply frustrating to watch people quibble with a fan base. I see the validity in saying “I don’t love this thing.” OK – got ya. But in making other people feel bad, or lesser for their likes and interests? I don’t get it. Again – this is another mainstream fan base that I feel gets shit on a lot for no real reason. Other than a need for others to feel superior. There is no award or achievement for not liking Lost.

Every person who didn’t “waste their time” watching Lost probably wasted it watching another show, or engaging in some other form of entertainment, of equal or lesser value. I dunno – as much as I don’t understand many aspects of Lost, I don’t understand the haters either.

It was a great six years. Of a show, and of my life – and my life with this show. There’s something to be said for a television program that can bring back fond memories of the time and places you watched it – the people you watched it with and how it brought you together. Last night felt very cathartic – the ending sequence of the show felt very cathartic (I’m a sucker for parallels).

I’ll probably watch it again in a few minutes – all alone in my house (except for the pugs) and cry again when Charlie and Claire are reunited in Sideways/Purgatory/whatever world.

Everybody has a favorite.


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2 responses to “Lost Series Finale Recap”

  1. erninlow says :

    I am going to miss it a lot. I was satisfied with the finale and I can’t wait to watch it all again on DVD. The end was heartbreaking, but heartwarming at the same time. I am going to miss our LOST parties!

  2. Troy says :

    I like mentioned on the facebooks, I did feel that each characters arch was compeleted and I felt emotionally satisfyied, but thats not the whole reason I watched the show. After I watched the first episode, I knew I needed to figure out that the fuck was up with that island. Since, I have sat through both some of the best and worst TV I’ve ever seen. After my initial viewing of the finale, I was pissed…and even went as far to say that it lost my endorsement…I have since reevaluated that statement. Seeing the amount of discussion alone, I would still say that the series is worth watching.

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