True Blood Ultimate Fan Experience Recap

Had been hearing buzz about the True Blood Ultimate Fan Experience for the last week or so, but it was one of those events that you have to win tickets to. I am a fairly unlucky person and do not often win things in raffles, so even though my interest was piqued, I was kinda like meh – let the lucky kids have all the fun.

Then on Monday (May 31st) they announced the event had been opened up to anyone who registered on their website – but the passes were first come, first served. I immediately contacted all the True Blood watching ladies I know, and Smalls heeded the call. My parents also signed up. My friend Addie was a bit too late – all the tickets were snatched up by later in the afternoon.

So – last night we headed off to the Clackamas Town Center Century Theatres and prepared to wait in line for two hours to be seated at the theatre. Well, it was raining. Which sucked, since none of us had dressed prepared to be standing outside. Not sure how that happened, we’re Oregonians dammit. Preparing for all kinds of crap weather is in our veins. Not last night though…

AND THEN: The final blow which made the night suck more than it had the right to…it didn’t matter if you’d been waiting in line for two hours or not, because the folks who’d won passes (now forever referred to as the VIPs) got to cut in front of us and continue cutting. We were eventually ushered inside after standing in the rain for 90 minutes (fortunately we had a few umbrellas, unfortunately one of them broke in a dueling incident). And then we stood in another line, sectioned off from the VIPs…watching people who had just arrived get their seats before folks who’d been waiting two hours.

Yikes. It was terribly, badly mis-managed by the mall and the agency HBO contracted in Portland. I know the theatre folks, and they were just doing what they were told.

Once we were finally assured we would get seats (when we actually got to the auditorium) everything was fine. We got our pics snapped professionally on the red carpet and with a bottle of Tru Blood sporting a Missing photo of Bill Compton. We all received red bracelets which scored us a free small soda. We also purchased popcorn – gotta support the theatre for hosting such awesome events.

We settled into our seats and watched some minisodes, fan voted favorite clips, and pre-recorded interviews with some of the new cast members for Season 3.

AT LAST: Alan Ball appeared on-screen and informed us we’d be watching the Season 2 Finale episode. Kinda cool – it has been 9 months since I watched Season 2, so getting a refresher was very welcome. The sound was turned low for the entire episode, and there were a few technical difficulties – but nothing a few well-timed comments from the audience and laughter couldn’t overcome.

Q&A session with the cast and creator, with Michael Ausellio hosting: The cast all seemed to like one another. It appears that the dude who plays Jason is Australian – which means they have a Brit, Aussie and Swede on the cast. How very international of them. What’s funny – they all manage to pull off a Southern accent fairly well. Stephen Moyer’s accent even seemed to be rubbing off on Anna Paquin. I think all the accents might be overwhelming her, because it was impossible to hear one distinct accent when she spoke. Hah.  

Season 3 Goodies:  No one really revealed anything new  in the Q&A about this season that we hadn’t already learned from Charlaine Harris or from the books. There will be Fairies, so that’s pretty exciting. Claudine will appear. We did get to see an extended Season 3 Trailer which is now popping up online – but it didn’t reveal much more than the last trailer. And there are Panthers stalking around in the woods of Bon Temps, according to the Jason minisode. So…this might mean that Jason is turned into a Were-Panther. Woot!

SWAG: Yes, we did receive the swag we were all salivating for. It helps to whet the appetite when you know folks who work at a movie theatre and they post pics of it ahead of time. We received a SWAG Bag, postcards, 20% off coupons for the HBO True Blood online store, mini-posters and a bottle of Tru Blood each. Yum! Haven’t tasted it yet…going to save it up for the Season 3 Premiere party we will no doubt have.

I’m stoked for the coupon – I’m definitely going to buy a Fangtasia shirt now for Comic Con, and use the bag to sport around all the swag we get. Unless of course, something cooler comes along at the Con.

This event has definitely gotten me stoked for nerd madness down in San Diego. It was just a small taste of the lines and epic frustration we will no doubt face. I’m sure with our phones, some playing/trivia cards, iPods and potentially a DS for Dan…we will survive the two hour lines unscathed. 🙂 

Here are some pics of the event:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks HBO and True Blood for hosting a kick-ass event. This is a franchise that knows how to treat it’s fans!


You can watch the entire Q&A Session here


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4 responses to “True Blood Ultimate Fan Experience Recap”

  1. Erica McGillivray says :

    I highly recommend getting vodka to put in the True Blood drink if you drink alcohol. It’s a fizzy orange soda. I talked with the guys who made it (and sampled it) at PAX West last September. Everyone was in agreement that it made a better mixer than a stand-alone soda.

    • tinyheroes says :

      Thanks for the heads up on that – I’ve heard from other folks that it’s pretty nasty as well. What they’re charging for it is a lot to pay for a mixer, but I think all the bang is in the bottle labeling anyway. It would be nice if it tasted good though.

  2. dwizardz says :

    I like watching true blood seasons,Want to watch true blood seasons online? follow this link

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