Bonus Post: NEW X-Men First Class Cast Members

Brand spankin’ new cast members have been added to the  roster of the X-Men: First Class flick directed by Matthew Vaughn. And then there’s some folks who’ve been rumored as well.

Mostly it’s dudes. Act surprised though, they like that!

Caleb Landry Jones has been cast as Banshee. Honestly, not that tough to cast this character. Find a ginger with freckles that can speak in a semi-decent Irish accent. Chances of him actually speaking in an accent? Zero to none. But he’s so damned cute!

Nicholas Hoult is cast as Beast. Apparently he’s the kid from About A Boy, which means that he’s either grown up super fast or I’ve gotten ridiculously older than I have any right to be. I’m sure he’ll be fine, but he comes from a string of Europeans attached to this project. Hmph.

Aaron Johnson is rumored to be playing Cylops. He’s the Kick-Ass kid. His voice is just a wee bit too whiney for my taste, Cyclops has already been portrayed as a wussy leader type before. I saw Mr. Johnson as a spectacular Spiderman stand-in. His slim frame seems more suitable for cracking-wise and scaling buildings in tight clothes than leading the merry band of mutants. I’m hoping this particular rumor stays a rumor.

And most folks have already heard that Alice Eve joined the ensemble cast as Emma Frost back at the tail end of June. She’s an OK choice as well, though someone with crueler features seems more appropriate. Her sweet smile plays more to the-girl-next-door than Ice Princess. Meh. Kinda looks more like a young Rebecca Romijn Stamos. Like REALLY looks like her.

She joins the ranks along with Michael Fassbender as Magneto. He gets my vote of confidence for acting in Inglourious Basterds.

And then sexy James McAvoy as Professor Xavier. Who could forget that?

Still no word on Jean Grey. She WILL be there. I mean, it’s not like she was an integral character for decades and everyone just forget about her after some writing hack killed her off and supplanted Emma Frost in her place. Right?


*crickets* Fucking White Queen…

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One response to “Bonus Post: NEW X-Men First Class Cast Members”

  1. Addie says :

    Fucking White Queen, indeed. Why has she become such a major player in the X-franchises? She’s such a Madonna ripoff except with powers… it’s like aiming the lowest on the totem pole for stereotypical male sexuality. And the absence of other compelling female characters – when the franchise has tons of them – is a real disappointment.

    I don’t mind a whiny skinny dude as Cyclops though. I prefer being able to hate him 🙂

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