Comic Con 2010: Day Two

The day started off much better than I thought it would. Woke up an hour earlier than intended – printed up a schedule (got hit on by a creeper in the business center who thinks every woman attending Comic Con should dress up as Slave Leia), showered, dressed in a stunning Fangtasia tee and was out the door to greet the shuttle at 9am.

True Blood - Merlotte's and Fangtasia representin'

We arrived at the Con around 9:30am parted ways with Erin, who was off to scout information about the True Blood signing, and snaked our way through the Con to get to The Walking Dead. Turns out there was a Hawaii-Five-O panel before it, and though the lined looked daunting, we made it into the hall we’d intended.

Hawaii-Five-O had some cool swag (free T-Shirt) and it was neat to see Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim (and know that they are both working).

Lost and Battlestar - Two Great Tastes

Then it was Walking Dead time – so excited to see Robert Kirkman on the panel! There was a trend of comic book writers appearing on the panels, but not really saying anything substantial. Kirkman was one of the few panelists to buck that trend. He didn’t have much to add, but it was far more refreshing than Warren Ellis’ bag-of-money default answer. Kirkman got to write the script for episode four (which they just wrapped up filming) AND he announced the score composer is Bear McCreary (Battlestar Galactica!). Greg Nicotero (Special Effects and Zombie Make-up God) and Frank Darabont were also on the panel along with all the actors and actresses.

Frank Darabont on the left, Robert Kirkman on the right

They showed a 10 minute clip twice (once and the beginning and once at the end) and fielded several questions from the audience, one of which was an LA film crew stooge whining that they weren’t shooting the production there, and another from a lady with kids concerned about the violence. Seriously – could they pre-screen some of these questions? Such a waste of everyone’s time.

Overall, a super awesome panel which has me even more stoked for the TV series this fall. Not sure if that’s humanly possible, but it’s true.

Our next agenda item was meeting up with Erin at the WB Booth for the True Blood signing. She had been scouting it out like a hawk for the past few hours, and it rapidly devolved into a giant unorganized clusterfuck of humanity, in which only a small handful of people got in and thousands of fans were still crowding around the booth. We made it out with our lives (barely). Afterwards we bummed around the exhibit hall for awhile – I scored a free dog tag for playing “Rock of the Dead” and Dan bought a Jayne shirt from a booth called Sereni-Tees.

A small glimpse of the WB True Blood cluster fuck

Around 2:30pm we decided to head up to the Ballroom 20 line to see if we could make it in for True Blood, as we were clearly going  to miss the Joss Whedon AND Girls Who Kick Ass panel. At some point it became clear that we would probably not make it in for ANY of those, and Erin happened to read a timely and fateful tweet.

Nathan Fillion was down at the Browncoat booth signing for a charity. We hopped out of the futile line and made a mad-dash for the Exhibit Hall. It was wild – dodging and darting through people, past strollers and the young, elderly and infirm. We made it into line about 25 people ahead of where they capped it. Nathan started signing at the booth, and then he had an appointment to keep…but he made sure to sign all the Limited Edition Serenity comic books people had purchased for the Kids Need to Read charity. He was very gracious, frazzled and awesome.

His sweaty hand brushed up against mine when he signed our book and it was definitely my joy moment for the con. I was pretty much on a high after that…which I still haven’t come down from.

Yes, that is really Nathan Fillion. I am not making this shit up!

Flynn’s Arcade was the next stop on our list. We wandered around the Gas Lamp until we spotted it. There was a small line in which we waited to get a ticket…to get in another line. Lines for lines is a regular occurrence at Comic Con. It’s enough to test the patience of weaker men. It was brief though, and within five minutes we were inside the free arcade with a pocketful of Flynn tokens. We wandered around a bit, and then passed through a door into the Tron experience.

Ticket to Flynn's Arcade

I’ll put together some video footage and throw it on here early next week. Needless to say it was quite amusing, there was free coke zero, and a fancy room with some code you solved for more swag. Every 10 minutes or so the trailer would blast across screens littered throughout the space. It was definitely designed and constructed by Disney. The entire thing felt like a ride…without a ride at the end. Pretty cool none-the-less.

Inside Tron

We’d worked up a healthy appetite through our trials and tribulations for the day, and I had a strong desire to eat at Cafe Diem (hereafter dubbed Syfy Cafe). We were seated fairly quickly and it was a joy to be off our feet with the promise of real and substantial food in our near future.

I happened to glance over towards the back of the restaurant, and notice that Sam Adama and Zoey Graystone are hanging out in a Syfy related booth – not being mobbed by a huge throng of people. Since I’d missed out on the Caprica panel earlier that day – I had no qualms about approaching them to chat to compliment them on a great show and see if we’d missed an announcement about Season 2. No such luck. But, they were gracious enough to pose for a picture. Between Nathan Fillion and this random encounter, I was pretty much buzzing for the rest of the night.

Alessandra Toressani and Sasha Roiz (Zoey Graystone and Sam Adama)!!

We met up with Addie – checked out  the X-Box Lounge and Dragon Age II/Dead Space location in the Gaslamp – then grabbed some dessert at an Indian place.

The Dragon Age II Location

She headed back to the Hotel, and we hung around a bit for Erin to get done with her Tweethouse party. We stopped in the Eisner’s to see what was up there…it was a pretty dismal affair. The Hilton conference room was only 2/3’s full and it was spoiled by a couple of drunken yahoos sitting behind us. They left, and then Thomas Jane showed up. We’d had a bad experience with him earlier smoking a cigar in a crowd of people and being snappy when Smalls wanted a pic with him, so I already had a pretty low opinion. He didn’t do much to stem the tide when he appeared to present half-drunk.

The Eisner Awards

The whole affair seemed a bit too tongue-in-cheek, insular and far less respectable than what I’ve come to understand as “The Oscars for Comic Books.” It really shed a lot of light on how far removed comic books are from the Comic Con scene at this point. We could only stomach about 30 minutes before we were too exhausted.

Thus, Day Two came to a close with a long-ass Trolley ride home to discover Erin already at the hotel. We tucked in and prepared for the madness of Day Three.


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Mindy Crouchley is a 33 year old woman with a degree in English and Technical Writing from Portland State University. She has accumulated three+ years experience in the Marketing and Communications field - with an emphasis on creating digital media content. She has been reading comic books since she was 10 years old. She currently lives in outer southeast Portland with her spouse Dan Robertson, her baby girl, and their dog - Jabba the pug. She spends her free time devouring books, crafting cosplay, video gaming, attending comic cons, writing stories/screenplays, attending book to film adaptation club meetings, volunteering, and watching copious amounts of TV and movies.

4 responses to “Comic Con 2010: Day Two”

  1. Erica McGillivray says :

    I love your True Blood t-shirts. They rule.

    • tinyheroes says :

      Ah – thank you! We absolutely planned that out. I wish someone could have gathered all the Merlotte’s waitresses in one grand picture on Friday of Comic Con – I’m sure there were at least 200!

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