Comic Con 2010: Day Three

Day 3 was another early rise – and it was COSTUME DAY! We donned our BSG gear and headed out around 8am fully prepared to snag the Trolley. We lucked into a shuttle ride over and plopped ourselves down in the Hall H line for the Green Lantern, Harry Potter and Sucker Punch panel.

BSG in line for Hall H

The line was pretty comparable  at that point (at least, we thought) to where we were at on Thursday, but we ended up in the last five rows of the auditorium despite our early rising and pre-planning. The WB swag for this panel was incredible – a reasonably sized tote bag, a “Wanted” HP shirt, a limited edition Green Lantern comic book and a Sucker Punch bracelet.

The Green Lantern panel itself was pretty exciting. Ryan Reynolds is a bright and terribly funny dude, and the clips they showed had some pretty wicked cool CGI. They will feature a lot of the Lantern Corps characters (none of which I know, but the audience seemed pretty excited) and even had the scribe Geoff Johns on the panel confirming that the movie will be bad-ass. They skirted the issue of a Justice League film in the future…but clearly this film is a jumping off point for that.

Ryan Reynolds had a delightful exchange with a young  questioner who asked him how it felt to recite the Green Lantern oath (which he promptly did to the delight of the audience) and signed a free comic book for the boy, who was wearing a green lantern ring. Then Reynolds handed off his own ring to one lucky con-goer.

Look closely at his hands - you can see the ring!

The Harry Potter panel was next – and Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy arrived to show us the clip, which was an extended trailer rather than a chunk of the film itself (which many of us were hoping for). It all looks very stunning, but honestly the 3D didn’t add much to my experience, so I don’t think I’ll be plunking down an extra $3 in November. It was a little under-whelming and half of the Hall bolted out the door (including Smalls, on her way to a Vampire Diaries signing) immediately after.

Tom Felton looking dashing, tan and decidedly un-angsty

Which leaves us with Sucker Punch. I’d seen a single image from it – featuring four scantily clad dangerous looking womens and some leering male ringleader, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this one. Clearly there is fighting and action as the title would seem to indicate, and the presence of Jenna Malone brings an element of respectability to the affair…though I am on the fence about Zack Snyder as a director. The premise is intriguing – a woman confined to an insane asylum creates a fantasy world along with three other ladies who can share in these adventures which centered around killing Nazi zombies, slaying dragons and fighting robots. So – count me in. Even if it lacks substance, the visuals alone were quite stunning.

A great shot of the panel for Sucker Punch

I was annoyed though by our proximity to the entrance doors, the constant stream of chatting and rustling during the panel made it hard to hear and concentrate on the women. Snyder kept referring to them as “the girls” as if they were one unit, and the majority of the audience questions were “did you know you’re a woman?” Ugh. It was frustrating.

We sacrificed our  long wait for Hall H seats after that and dashed over to the Hilton for The Guild panel. We happened to arrive there just at the same time as Ryan Reynolds, so Dan was able to shake his hand and compliment his  work as an actor. It was definitely a very cool moment.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively entering the Hilton

Just a little over-shadowed by our complete inability to make it into the panel we wanted. We waited for an hour and then gave up once the announcement was made. But we got to hang out by the Bay, stare at a Dole boat and catch a glimpse of some crabs…so it wasn’t entirely wasted time.

This hand touched Ryan Reynolds.

Since we didn’t have anything else on the docket aside from potentially seeing Scott Pilgrim vs. The World in the evening, we wandered back towards the Convention Center and noticed that the Hall H line was nearly empty, so we decided to camp out and try to make it back in for the Marvel Panel.

About 90 minutes and a few new friends later, we were back in the dark and cavernous Hall H for the Resident Evil: Afterlife panel. It was actually refreshing to watch a panel led mostly by the two female stars – Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter dominated – Milla especially fielded tons of questions and appeared to be having a blast on the panel and in the film franchise in general. They showed a trailer AND a fight sequence clip all in 3D. Apparently they used all the same tech as the Avatar film, and of all the 3D I witnessed during Comic Con, this seemed to be the most appropriately used.

I’m a sucker for the Resident Evil films, and will definitely watch this in 3D when it comes out.

The small and cozy panel for Resident Evil

When the panel ended, Dan hopped up to find some new seats further away from the door, and that’s when the now infamous stabbing occurred. It was towards the middle-right of Hall H. Apparently a scuffle broke out over a seat, and resulted in someone being stabbed in the eye with a pen. The result was about 30 minutes of hiccup in the programming, medics, police officers, confused con-goers and irritated security staff. Eventually someone came out on stage and announced they were going to run a bunch of trailers while the police photographed the crime scene and interviewed witnesses.

We watched a handcuffed individual being led out of the auditorium, and Dan saw someone leave on a stretcher.

This was overshadowed by the  next panel – Paul – featuring a ridiculously bloated (but awesome) cast of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Bill Hader, Sigourney Weaver, Seth Rogen, Jason Bateman and more. It looks like a fantastic comedy about nerds and aliens, but isn’t due out until next year.

Sexy bitches.

Cowboys and Aliens was the next flick. It’s only been shooting for a few days now, but also wielded an impressively sizable (though notably woman lite) cast. The big surprise here was Harrison Ford arriving on stage in handcuffs, which had everyone on their feet screaming in geek joy for about 15 minutes or so. Han Solo actually looked a touch emotional about his rapturous audience reception.

Han Solo in hand cuffs

When all the excitement died down, Favreau showed us about 10 minutes of footage heavily featuring Daniel Craig and some exciting musical composition. They fielded a few questions from the audience, then hightailed it off the stage to make way for the highlight of the evening.


Captain America was the first to be trotted out – the director seems kind of stiff and old hat and didn’t play to the audience well. Chris Evans was youthful and animated (also really fucking buff). There was a bit of audience turning on the producer Kevin Feig about the recasting of The Hulk, but overall it was a fantastic panel featuring a four or so minutes of unedited footage centered on Hugo Weaving  discovering the magical element which eventually morphs him into Red Skull (I assume – I know virtually nothing about Captain America).

Captain America cast - only a week into shooting

Thor was next – and the cast was also quite impressive with several big name actors/actresses on board…but we already knew all that. They showed some extended trailer footage and fielded lots of sexually charged questions from the audience. Branagh was exceptionally British and Shakespearean in all his responses, which was expected. Honestly, outside of a potential glimpse of Ultron, there wasn’t much here that I haven’t already seen. I’m marginally excited for this flick…Thor has never been a favorite of mine. In fact, he’s always seemed a bit comical to me, so I’m still on the fence.

Thor - bluff and blonde

Which is why the surprise (to me anyway) assemblage of the entire Avengers cast on stage along with the recently added Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo was a stellar way to end the Hall H day. My throat was sore from screaming with joy as the actors mounted the stage, led off by Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and culminating in Joss Whedon’s acknowledgement that this is truly a dream come true.

Yes, it's a terrible photo. You can find better on the internet. 🙂

But then I found myself this morning, turning it over and over in my brain. Why is the cast so white and male? Couldn’t they have left out Hawkeye and The Hulk and instead added a Ms. Marvel or Spider Woman to at least give some pretense at balance?

It was a huge rush and sensory overload at the time…but it sort of summed up my frustration with the superhero genre looking at all the beaming white mens on the stage last night.

Perhaps some counter-balance can be sought this afternoon at the “Women of Marvel” panel I plan to attend…

Anywho – the rest of the day consisted in meeting up with whatever of our party was still in downtown San Diego, finding a spot to stuff our faces (a delicious seafood/Mexi style restaurant). After scarfing down a Cadillac Margarita and surf n’ turf tacos until my stomach bulged, we headed back to our hotel for rest.

ALSO: After spending 2.5 hours in the San Diego sun yesterday – Dan and I are burnt as hell. Here are some fun pics so you can revel in our pain!

Burnt shoulders, neck and face

If you think this is bad...our faces are equally as toasty!

One more day to go – and this promises to be more comic centric then the rest of the other three days put together. On the agenda – Women of Marvel panel and signatures by Peter David and Robert Kirkman.


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5 responses to “Comic Con 2010: Day Three”

  1. Addie says :

    I’d heard from guys in the Hall H line that people had vacated when the Sucker Punch coverage started… that was honestly the part of the panel that I wanted to see. Even if there’s a male leader, the fact that this appears to be a story about women is a big draw for me (I’d like to think people left because they didn’t know enough about the film, not because it’s about women), and I agree that the imagery so far looks gorgeous. Plus, Jena Malone. She was so magical in the Girls Who Kick Ass panel! And she talked about the enormous amount of training they had to do in order to be in shape for the film – full days for weeks on end.

    I talked to Erin at the airport yesterday about the Hall H line after the stabbing and it was a semi relief to hear from her that the hall was indeed closed for the day at the point I left, even though the panels kept going on inside. In all honesty though I think the stabbing event and all the craziness it caused was far more memorable than a panel would have been.

    The lack of woman-ness in Avengers is what gets my goat, too – that was my first gut reaction when I saw the photo of the cast. It’s destined to fail the Bechdel test just by cast alone. Continued ranting about the gender imbalance in this media – the big comic book films definitely do not make their blockbuster revenues from male fans alone…

    • tinyheroes says :

      Exactly – just wait until you read my Women of Marvel panel rant. It was an incredibly disheartening point in my Comic Con experience, and seemed to fly in the face of everything I’d seen the previous four days. Grrr. Argh. You will love it, I’m sure. Getting it shaped up right now and it will hopefully be posted tomorrow! 🙂

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