Spreading the Link Love 8/20/2010

Lazy Friday blogging – but I’m  pretty excited about a number of these links, and if you can’t link spam at least once a month, then what else is the internet for?


The Experience Music Project and Science Fiction museum in Seattle, Washington is hosting a BSG Exhibit starting in October. You can also enter to win tickets for two, along with free airfare and a hotel for the grand opening. It features three full-size prop spaceships, costumes, exhibition films, music and other props from the original and re-imagined series. Battlestar Galactica opens to the public Oct. 23, 2010 and runs through March 4, 2012. It’s a bit lame, seeing as the exhibit closes the first day of the Emerald Con. Perhaps we could tack an extra day onto the trip and plan to see this on March 3rd.  I’ve been meaning to see the Science Fiction museum for quite awhile, I’m sure it will be filled with enough nerdosity we could justify an entire day of it.

The idea of planning a whole separate trip to Seattle is not terribly enticing. And yes, when we do go (no ifs about it) we will totally dress in costume. In fact, we’ve been talking about making the BSG costumes a convention mainstay and decking them out/beefing them up to be as realistic as possible.

If anyone else is interested in joining us, lemme know. And if you haven’t started watching BSG yet…why the hell not? It’s a fantastic series, and you don’t need to love space or robots for it to make sense.



This one will be short and sweet. The history behind this shirt: Addie picked one up on Preview Night of Comic Con. Threadless had a small store presence there featuring comic book related desigins on Wednesday and Thursday, but our schedule was too busy to allow us to take a detour and pick one up.

I guess the moral of the story is that patience can be a virtue for a lady who loves hoodies. Yes – this awesome design is now available on a hoody, with a schweet X-slash on the front. The only frustrating thing is that I wasn’t quite sure if the sizing is right, so I ended up with a Small because it’s a uni-sex/dude size chart. Hope it’s right, or if not, I can swap it out for Medium before they all sell out.

Got an email that it shipped on Thursday afternoon. The hoodie is $30, and the shipping/handling is only $5, which is pretty damn reasonable for purchasing clothes on the internetz. It’s supposed to arrive in 5-8 business days, so I’m looking at next week to bring me the most fantabulous hoodie a nerdy-ass girl could ever want.



It’s tough to watch beloved pieces of entertainment being white-washed yet again. It sort of makes me want to slap Hollywood’s hands away from anything that features women or characters of color, because it’s nearly impossible for them to not fuck it up – even when a minority is at the helm or race plays an integral part in the story line.

As if The Last Airbender weren’t insulting niche fans enough – Runaways the movie is promising to offer up more of the same. Seriously Hollywood, you can’t fuck with niche fan-groups like you can with huge, best-selling franchises and expect the same kind of loyalty or money. In fact, you can pretty much guarantee some kind of completely valid boycott.

No one has been cast yet – so the concern is just being raised over the casting call announcements, which are purposefully color blind in regards to Nico Minoru, who is a major Japanese American female figure in the comic books. The casting call assumed to be for Nico reads:

Girl 1: Uniquely beautiful, nurturing but guarded
Female, must play 16-18
Must be at least 16 by January 2011

“Uniquely beautiful” must be the way that Hollywood chooses to describe a biracial person, without actually having to use that descriptor. It also leaves it open for one of the movie’s main characters to not share the same race as her comic book counter-part.

As a fan of the comic series – it makes me nervous for some of the other non-conventional aspects of the series – the relationship between Gertrude (an overweight female) and Chase, a hispanic male character, and the introduction of an alien who also happens to be a lesbian. Hmph. These are integral parts of the characters and bring up important themes in the book. It’s part of the reason this series is beloved and therefore being turned into a film at all. WTF Marvel? Get your shit together!!

Racebending is following this casting decision quite closely

Racialicious also chimed in



These are all courtesy of my dear friend Miss Demew, who actually DID read the entire comic book series and at the moment is much more connected to it than I am. Hoping she’ll get a chance to see the movie soon.

It has it’s faults, but manages to capture what is good about the book series and make that work as a film, while many of the other adaptations I’ve seen lately are so straight that I almost get bored having recently read the source material. When judging a book to screen adaptation – I’m waiting for something to visually or musically thrill me and spark my senses. Scott Pilgrim was just such a ride.

Anywho – here are the lovely links Addie has been spamming me (much to my delight) with the last few days. You can find most of these in our comments back and forth, but they’re collected here for easy access:

Knives Chau vs Bad Character Development

Girls on Film: Is Scott Pilgrim Misogynistic

Asking The Wrong Questions: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Heroine Content: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Kissing Fingertips: Scott Pilgrim vs The World



Last week was devoid of blogging because I spent pretty much the entire week fiending over Assassin’s Creed II and playing it during every spare moment I had. It was fantastic. This is probably one of my favorite continuing storyline video games yet.

While Ezio didn’t have nearly the same sex appeal for me as Altair (and the cool ass name) – I very much loved all the RPG aspects they imbued the sequel with. I ADORED the gallons and gallons of treasure everywhere. The Assassin’s tombs which you could penetrate to secure Altair’s armor were enticing. Lots of tricky physical and spacial puzzles you need to put together. The hidden images on the walls were another neat trick, and even after the main storyline is finished, I’ve been going back into the city locations (fast travel rules!) to locate them and reveal the hidden image. The hidden images were part of a fun code featuring lots of brain-bending puzzles using classic art, famous photographs and historical figures.

Another awesome feature – stealth mode. As opposed to one of my favorite first person shooters, Left 4 Dead, many of the best moments in the game require you to sneak up and assassinate people quietly or remain anonymous in a crowd. This game also kinda forced you to use eagle vision more, which I hardly ever did in the original. But I found myself less attracted to the Eagle Nests for location scouting. Go figure.

Another fun bonus: you can hire courtesans and thieves to distract guards if you need to enter a building. Once I earned enough money – this was my preference as opposed to fighting. Fighting can get tiresome, so it’s nice to have the option. Also – when you’re Notorious – being able to pass through the crowds surrounded by flirting women is always fun. I wish you could interact with them a little more ala Fable. There were definitely some ladies I wouldn’t have minded starting a relationship with.

You also get to create and contribute to an economy in the villa owned by Ezio’s uncle, and as the economy grows – the money can be used to further develop buildings and purchase costumes/armor (clothes shopping has never been sexier), along with pieces of artwork and better weapons.

Best weapon: The assassin’s blade with poison. After being harassed for days by those annoying ass lute players, many of them met their bitter deaths at the end of my blade.

So yes – stoked for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. Kinda bummed that I avoided the booth at Comic Con but I didn’t want to have the sequel spoiled for me before I had a chance to play it. Can’t wait for this November. This is the only Christmas gift I’ll expect under the tree. 🙂


That’s it folks. Hoping to bring you more reviews and content next week. You might have noticed that I’ve been sort of adhering to a M-W-F  posting routine. I’d like to make that a constant – as my schedule has seemed to settle down now that I’ve picked one job and stuck with it.

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