Jayne Cobb Hat: Installment One

My work and non-work life have been rather busy the last few days but I’ve also managed to successfully undertake what, for me, has been a rather complex knitting project.

The Jayne Cobb Hat.

Adam Baldwin proudly models the original

It should all be so easy. The hat itself isn’t exactly a paragon of difficulty. There are several well made patterns out there on the internets ripe for the picking. I just need the right yarn and tools. One out of two ain’t bad, right?

I went with one of the Jayne Hat recipients – the DH Dan – last weekend to pick out the yarn. And we got the wrong weight. And the colors are a bit off (but actually look quite fantastic together). It’s like a fall in the Pacific Northwest version of the Jayne hat. Which might actually look much sexier than the intention of the original.

Unfortunately in the knitting world, if you don’t follow the pattern exactly, you have to adjust and swatch and do math…all of which I am really quite opposed to. My answer is to eyeball it, knit something up, then find out it’s wrong, rip it all out and start over again. Ugh.

Which leaves me with my present predicament.

Jayne Hat w/o Earflaps

This is my third attempt at the Jayne Hat. It’s supposed to be for my DH, but it’s really only going to make it on my head. Which is fine. I think I’m going to make a stop by our LYS this weekend and snag some really amazing yarn in the right (bulky) weight and follow the advice/practices in this here Youtube video:

And this basic pattern – though I won’t be knitting with two strands held together once I’ve secured the right weight.

At the moment, the plan is to finish off the current Jayne hat incarnation and wear it for myself. It was intended for Dan’s head, but I don’t think my needles are going to support that. Probably gonna have to pick up some new needles as well.

Earflaps are tough for me. After a traumatic attempt at them on a hat for my niece…I haven’t tried them again. Apparently I have some weird emotional and mental block against them. It’s going to take some strong coaxing but once I get the skillz practiced, I think this will make a good starter hat for many more Jayne attempts to come.

Feeling kinda lame that I devoted my whole weekend (when I wasn’t at a baseball game, book-club meeting, house-cleaning or visiting with family) to this creation and still didn’t manage to get anything finished. Hmph.

Hopefully I’ll be able to update with the finished object this weekend.


In the interim, check out these articles I scouted about Joss Whedon related crafts, including an interview he did with a crochet website.

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CrochetMe interview with Joss Whedon

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Pattern One

Pattern Two

Pattern Three


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4 responses to “Jayne Cobb Hat: Installment One”

  1. erninlow says :

    I think the one without the ears looks good.

  2. Sweet Paul says :

    “you have to adjust and swatch and do math…all of which I am really quite opposed too.”

    I love this

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