Emerald City Comic Con 2011: Day Two


The morning got off to a rocky start with a late breakfast at the hotel restaurant and getting my parents settled in to the room. We’d all (except for Erin) decided to do a little Cosplay for Saturday – my parents dressed in Star Trek uniforms for their picture with William Shatner, my dad once again sporting some stylized facial hair.

My parents are just too damn cute for words.


Dan and I were sporting our Left 4 Dead costumes – Dan dressed as Bill and I went as Zoey. It took us about two months to put the costumes together. Most of the pieces were purchased outright or items we already owned, but some were customized.

Clothing items we already owned: Dan’s pants, white undershirt. My jeans and white undershirt.

Clothing items we purchased: Green beret, pink track jacket, black hi-top cons, black army boots

Bill’s green beret was customized with a yellow patch which Dan ACTUALLY sewed on. Very proud of him for that. Zoey’s jacket we purchased online at Wal-Mart. It was the closest match I could find and also the cheapest. They’re on clearance right now, if you want to pick one up before they’re gone. I had to do a bit of alteration – cutting, gluing and sewing white fabric on – Thank God this jacket comes equipped with black fabric as an outline for all the places you need to add material. Also had to cut the black fabric off the collar, as well as remove the tacky glued on bits underneath. THAT took awhile. Way too damn long but aided with the help of one of those de-fuzz-baller-things.

Dan spray-painted two guns black to cover the orange tips – one a machine and another a shot-gun – both appear in the video game series. We printed up some hilarious “Pain Reliever” labels for generic aspirin bottles here, attached it to the side of our pants with velcro and safety pins.

We also purchased two red expandable duffle bags from Wal-Mart which we customized with white fabric. We attached them to our backs with safety pins so they would seem to inexplicably hang there.

Finally – we made up “Boomer Bile” bottles which took searching at three or four different stores to find the right container. We went with water bottles purchased at our local Target (not finding them online), augmented with flat toothpicks and spray painted to match the white color of the lids. We added a bit of red tape to the lid, and then printed up a label found here on sticker paper. The boomer bile we modified based on a recipe we found on this Cosplay forum. Highly suggest the forum – it has a ton of great ideas for manufacturing props and putting together accurate costumes.

Boomer Bile Recipe Used: Lime Green Gatorade, Green Food Coloring and a dab of Cornstarch. Just gotta shake it up every once in awhile if the starch settles. It gives off a delicious green glowing color…and you can drink it for full effect.

The results of all this time and effort looked something like this:

Not exactly screen accurate - but you get the idea.

And here is a good pic of the First Aid kit:

Got a lot of strange looks from folks on the Seattle streets as we walked to the con. Somehow the Trekkies made us look less...crazy.

Happily, we ran into some other folks who were into the L4D Cosplay thing:

Bill, Hunter, Zoey and Ellis. All my favorite L4D characters! Except we're missing Coach.

Most of Saturday was spent walking the Convention floor in costume snapping pictures with people – many of which will appear in the “Costumed Awesomeness” post on Friday. So brace yourselves for that!


The Guild panel was pretty easily the highlight of my Saturday and was actually pretty hilarious – and made Dan and I both a bit disappointed that we’d missed out on the opportunity to meet Wil Wheaton and attend his panel the day before. He, Felicia Day and Amy Okuda kept the laughs rolling, though they didn’t share many *spoilers* about the next season, which was completely fine with me because we haven’t watched any of Season Four. Cause we’re terrible people. Anywho – they fielded a lot of fan questions and Wheaton spent a good chunk of his time drawing a penis with a wizard hat. There was lots of talk about video games and Amy Okuda getting crap from hard-core gamers for not playing. Also, how the industry and men themselves can make gaming more female friendly. Wheaton had the best advice when it comes to making video games inclusive for women, “Don’t be a dick.” He was surprisingly very open about his opinion on maintaining the freedom of the interwebs and not dis-respecting the womenz.

Interestingly – Felicia Day seemed to defer about the best way to respond to dudes with “chick gamer” issues. She basically said, “preaching doesn’t work.” Which I agree with – no one likes to be preached to. However, ignoring the issue isn’t sound advice either. I think more dudes like Wheaton who are respected in the nerd community need to make it clear that being a dick is not acceptable. It’s too easy for men to brush off what women say, but male Geek Gods are in a unique position to affect change.

You can check out the whole panel on Felicia Day’s blog here:

So, we finally atoned for missing The Guild panel at San Diego Comic Con. The fates are now aligned once more.

Much of the rest of the day featured lots of wandering, some terrible knee pain on my part (eased a bit by aspirin and…xanax) as well as lots of picture taking for my parents and Smalls. Between The Guild panel and the Buffy panel we decided to change out of our costumes…especially because I’d purchased a super awesome Sereni-Tee and wanted to sport my Jayne hat and Browncoat lanyard (ah – totally forgot the story of the lanyard!). Dan REALLY wanted a lanyard from ECCC, but they didn’t give them out with the badges. We spent most of Friday wandering the floor searching in vain for a lanyard. Finally, on our way to the Buffy The Musical – we passed by the PDX Browncoat booth and they were selling them for $5 a pop. We couldn’t pass it up!

So – for the rest of the evening I sported the custom-knit Jayne hat, a Browncoats lanyard and this Sereni-Tee from the Jason Palmers Studio booth. Was getting A LOT of compliments from Firefly fans.

Nothing in the 'verse could stop this shirt from kicking ass!

Anywho – back to the picture fiasco. The lines for photos with the media guests weren’t well organized and people ended up being able to cut in front of others who had been waiting for hours. My poor parents and Smalls waited quite some time to pick up their prints, but happily Smalls was able to grab hers in time to get it signed by John Noble and Jasika Nicole JUST before they left for the day. Pretty awesome.

My parents did not get signatures on their photos, but dropped almost $200 for pics with William Shatner and James Marsters and waited a few more hours than they cared to in order to pick them up. They enjoyed their first convention experience, but instead of photos with media guests, preferred getting the signature from Brent Spiner, with whom they chatted for a bit. They would have probably liked the Buffy panel as well, if we could have gotten in. Unfortunately – we didn’t show up early enough and it filled up. Boo.

Smalls wrote about her ECCC Saturday experience here. Check it out and then follow her blog. Cause she’s awesome.

ALMOST FORGOT: We did get to meet Max Brooks, author of the Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z, but it was strangely anti-climactic. It was a bummer his panel clashed with The Guild. He seemed friendly enough though. Here’s a pic (or it didn’t happen):

Max Brooks knows who the real zombie killa is.


We attended the Masquerade after grabbing a quick bite (and subsequently missing the Browncoats: Redemption fan film). It started about 15-20 minutes late, which seemed to be par for the course with the evening programming, and the announcer dude was not great. He stumbled over words, had poorly timed jokes and comedic acts…it was painful to watch and felt almost disrespectful to the audience, folks in costume, and judges. My parents both fell asleep within 30 minutes. That’s not saying too terribly much because they’re old. 😉

I wanted to fall asleep…but was determined to stick it out because we’d left the Buffy Musical so early the night before. It paid off in extreme cuteness during the kids portion of the contest and then after seeing some of the more awesome costumes, but for future years, they should hire a different announcer and lend some semblance of respectability to the proceedings.

Here is a slideshow of some of the best of the Masquerade. Yeah – crappy pics of the screen and I can’t get the other blog pics out of there. Simply too lazy to fix it. Overlook and enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the masquerade we went back to the hotel and crashed. Dan slept on the floor because they wouldn’t bring up a cot (to be fair, we had two Queen beds already) but they were cool enough to bring up some extra pillows and blankets, turning a blind eye to the fact that five people were sleeping in one room, for which they didn’t charge us extra. Smalls and I shared a bed and my parents took the other.

We all fell asleep pretty quickly – as we faced yet another day of Con and then travel back to Portland.


Here are some vids from Day One. BSG Exhibit:

And from the Buffy Musical:



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  1. erninlow says :

    Thanks for the shout out :). That masquerade guy was pretty terrible. They definitely need a better host for next year.

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