Emerald City Comic Con 2011: Day Three


We woke up fairly early on Sunday to grab breakfast and doughnuts before Smalls had to board her train back to PDX. After discovering only crazy

This picture is proof of how much love I am in with this doughnut.

expensive breakfast places within walking distance, hampered by my jacked up knees slowing down any further searching, we decided on breakfast sandwiches and coffee at Starbucks which is totes appropriate cause we were in Seattle. Grabbing the sandwiches also left us plenty of time to hit up the real treat of the morning – Top Pot Doughnuts.

HELLO PEOPLE OF SEATTLE – THESE DOUGHNUTS ARE FRAKKIN’ DELICIOUS!!! Why there wasn’t a line out the door and snaking down the sidewalk is beyond me. The only one I could stuff in my already fairly-stuffed maw was the Raspberry. RASPBERRY DOUGHNUT. With no nasty creme or berry filling. So heavenly I’m imagining how long it will be before my next trip to Seattle and thinking…not that long. 😀

Everyone snacked on and enjoyed at least one doughnut (my ma purchased a dozen) before we moseyed on back to the hotel, packed, loaded up the car, checked out and hit the Con floor.

Just in time for…


Since we’d missed the BPRD Panel the previous day where they announced Guy Davis leaving, we thought it would be appropriate to drop in and see if one of our favorite local publishers had anything exceptionally interesting to say about their books, aside from the news that exceptionally interesting people are leaving.

Turns out – the lovely Ms. Felicia Day was sitting in on the opening of THIS panel as well to chat about The Guild comic book series. Looks like each character will be getting their own one-shot origin via Dark Horse -Vork’s was released  on December 22nd, 2010. According to Felicia Day – Bladezz will be released next (within two months or so) and then one can only assume that Tinkerballa’s will be out after that, given the signed prints that were being offered up at their booth this weekend.

Felicia Day spilling the beans about The Guild.

Zaboo’s book will be co-written by nerd hunk and scribe Sandeep Parikh and drawn by the lovely Becky Cloonan, whom I follow on the Twitter because I like her drawerings and because she’s funny. She also did the art for DEMO.

Felicia also mentioned she has decided NOT to pilot for anything this season that is not Science Fiction related. Or I suppose she could have meant “SyFy” – either way she hasn’t piloted YET so one can either assume that there is a small market for scifi this year or that SyFy isn’t producing any new shows.

My vote would be for her to appear on BSG: Blood and Chrome (which sounds eerily similar to Spartacus: Blood and Sand). People of Syfy, make it happen! Though she is so funny and sweetly charming I’m not sure how well she could fair on the intense drama of the BSG Verse. Balls.

ANYWHO – back to comics world. We then sat through about 20 minutes (or 2 hours) of Axe Cop panel which boasted a 6 year old making crazy bird screeching noises, eating candy and offering it to everyone in sight. It was cute bordering on annoying but I really love the concept of the book and the collaboration between the brothers, as I imagine it would be difficult to find something to bond over when your sibling is 25 years younger than you are. The book is probably a bit too ridiculous and comedic for me…but the folks involved seem successful and happy with the work they are doing so props to them. If you like the random imagination of five year olds, you should check it out.

Scott Allie revealed he WILL continue to edit the work of  Joss Whedon who signed on to write Buffy The Vampire Slayer through Season 10. Whoot to BTVS fans everywhere!! I dropped out in about the middle of Season 8. Hopefully a collection will be published soon so I can catch up before the next season hits the shelves.

Allie clarified there will now only be 25 books per season (maybe he meant 24?) to keep them at two years versus four. Everyone involved recognized that was far too long a “season” for even the most die hard fans.

Apparently there’s some other big news in store for Buffy that Allie is waiting to reveal at Wondercon, so keep your ear to the ground if this book is your cup of tea. Change is a-comin’.


We had some time to kill before the next panel and while my parents were picking up their Shatner picture, so we dropped by a bunch of publishing booths. DC was giving out a crap ton of filler swag (Smalls we have extras for you!) like buttons and temporary tattoos, as well as Issue #0 of popular books (you know I picked up a Batwoman issue) and small teaser posters. We loaded up our swag bags full.

Oni Press was sporting a collection of recent releases so we swung by to see if anything looked good. Picked up Stumptown #4 and discovered that it was the last issue in that story arch. If we’d been keeping tabs on our box, we would know that. Sadly, our box at Cosmic Monkey Comics has long since expired so we are back to square one with our collection. Sucks.

That's right.

In an attempt to play catch up we decided to head over to have the issue signed by Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth. I’m not sure what to make of it, but Southworth TOTALLY remembered me from Stumptown Comics Fest and we chatted for quite awhile about the hardback book version of Stumptown they are publishing March 23, 2011.

He had a copy available and – as any true artist does – immediately started talking a bunch of crap about his artwork. Where the shading and coloring should have been different and how the book has improved upon it. Frankly, I didn’t see it. I think his work and the coloring of the series brilliantly fit the mood of P-Town, and said so on this blog entry here.

He also mentioned there will be a book release party and signing March 25th, 2011 from 6-8pm at Bridge City Comics here in Portland, Oregon. He’ll be selling a limited edition signed print of the St. John’s Bridge spread he did in issue #1. Check out the blog entry link above for the pic I am referring to. He showed us some other prints and talked about the process of putting them together – how there are smaller panels in the larger print which make up a detailed story.

Like some of the other artists I’ve chatted with or been drawn to – he is really open about communicating his artistic process. And I’m a sucker for listening, even if I don’t understand all the nuances of his craft. It’s clear that so many of the folks I connect with TRULY LOVE the work they do.

Also weird – it’s so much easier for me to talk with artists than writers. Even though writing is MY CRAFT. Go  figure.

Dan got the issue signed by Rucka and they had brief conversation. I guess I could have done it myself…but again…my insecurity when conversing with comics writers looms large. 😛


Aside from the LGBT panel on Friday, this was the comic-specific panel I was looking forward to the most. PROBABLY because of my current career in the National Service/Volunteer world, it seemed positively perfect to have two of my great passions united under one banner.

The Panel hosted members of the Cloud City Garrison 501st Legion, the Harry Potter Alliance, a TFAW rep with Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a PDX Browncoat, and the director of the Browncoats: Redemption fan film for charity. We had picked up a copy at the Dark Horse booth after the panel – Michael C. Dougherty was hanging out for their “Ask a Browncoat,” hour and since we’d missed the screening in order to grab dinner on Saturday night, we picked up a copy. Plus, it’s for charity, which is awesome. You can read an interview about it here.

Anywho – we grabbed some lunch at THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY OF DEATH across the street from the convention center (oh you know I ate a slice of red velvet cheesecake and had delicious carb-loaded pasta) and were subsequently late to the panel. I couldn’t find it for awhile, actually. It was tucked in some back corner in BFE nowhere. Which probably had a lot to do with why there were very few people in attendance. That’s what I like to think, anyways.

Geek and Good Works Panel

Mostly the panel talked about why they had gotten into service with the geek community and how people could get involved in their particular non-profit or group. This was a bit of a bummer, because I was really hoping for more of a conversation about fan-dom and the ability to turn it into something other than consumption. Really – fandom is a lot about consuming the thing you are super passionate about, and the “good works” angle really needs to be further explored.

Nerds have always been about seeking out the community or group with which they belong, because so often it hovers outside of mainstream society which has rejected them. OR – they have rejected it. Cast away from most conventional society, Nerds and Geeks build communities around the things they love.

And sometimes those communities do great things for charity.

This has led me to seriously consider joining the PDX Browncoats. I think we’re missing the “shin-dig” of volunteering at the Oregon Food Bank this weekend because it’s too late in the day (we have prior plans) but I am absolutely interested in being involved in a community of geeks who gives back to the community while still celebrating the stories and art that has brought them together.

Other people in the audience seemed interested in the idea of starting up a non-profit around their particular fascination and concentrated on the legalities of dressing up and engaging with the community under licensed characters or franchises. Almost all the groups had to get some form of blessing from the franchise or license holder in order to form or continue their good work.

This REALLY makes me wish someone would put together a BSG charity, non-profit or group. Not sure what it would look like…something related to technology probably.

Or maybe something with Zombies! I’ve been trying to get the PDX Zombie Walk turned into a fundraiser for Organ Donor societies or a blood bank (one year someone attempted a food drive). I know True Blood has partnered with the blood bank in the past – that would seem a natural angle for something like Twilight.

The Pacific Northwest is a volunteer community hotbed (no really, I learned all about it at a conference this week!) second and third only to states like Utah and Wisconsin. If any exceptionally nerdy group were to spring up and sustain itself, it would most likely be here.

Everyone keeps asking me what I’m going to do after my job ends this August. Maybe a nerdy non-profit is where it’s at! 😀


To bring the long weekend to a close and put a nice capper on the weekend, we revisited Tony Harris, artist on Ex Machina. On Friday he’d mentioned during the last hour of the convention he would sketch-sign in books FOR FREE. Woot! So we

Tony Harris mid-sketch

patiently waited all weekend long for 4pm to roll around.

During this second encounter he was much less talkative and looked about as exhausted as we felt. He politely sketched and chatted – mentioning the beefcake pic he’d been commissioned to draw of the Black Cat sitting on his table was not his usual style (which is true). I was glad it wasn’t the White Queen, told him so and this led us into a more animated discussion of how much we loathe her. It’s a great ice-breaker for artists – apparently not many of them are fans. Approved!

I mostly stood and stared in awe as the profile of Mitchell Hundred appeared (complete with his super sexy facial electrodes) and when he finally finished I could say nothing else but that he had absolutely made my whole con with this piece of art.

Which is where I will leave you – this beatific moment where I watched a favorite artist bring one of my favorite characters to life right before my very eyes.

Oh Happy Day!



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