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Originally had planned to write a recap of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena but that will have to be put on hold. Instead, I bring you something that immediately inspired me as soon as I saw it.The Nerd Bucket List.

It was actually brought to my attention by another female comic book enthusiast who goes by the name of Jill The Nerdy Bird and guest writes for She penned up an article there with her own very specialized Nerd Bucket List as opposed to one that must be adhered to by all nerds.

So, you probably guessed by now that the remainder of this entry is going to be about my own personal Nerd Bucket List. The very exciting thing is that I’ve managed to cross off quite a few things on the list already! These are in no particular order or sequence, as all things are equally important to a nerd like me. 😉



Meet Katee Sackhoff and Edward James Olmos. Obviously – she is my female heroine idol and it would be the shining moment of my days to shake her hand and tell her that she totally changed my perception of what a female heroine could be with her performance. I would also HAVE to ask her, “What do you hear Starbuck?” Because no one

Starbuck and Adama. My two favorites!

has ever asked her that before. 😉 And Edward James Olmos is like the Grandpa I never had. His gravelly voice and reading glasses and general demeanor are as comforting as a glass of warm milk. I’m especially excited to learn that he might return to the BSG Exhibit in Seattle this year for another script reading. I’m so there.

Visit NYC and lurk outside the Marvel Office. They don’t do regular tours, but I can still be a creeper and maybe snap a few pictures with an editor or something out on the street. Or maybe contact them ahead of time and see if  a tour is possible. Or rewind time back to 1998 and be this kid.

Cosplay as a sexy superhero. This is probably something that should be done before I turn 30 (so like, next year) because after 30 I’ve decided is the cut-off for any kind of sexy cosplay. Please time, do not make a liar of me. I don’t know though – Steampunk has made dressing up in costume at any age a work of art, so that might be the loophole in the future. Not sure what superheroine I would like to attempt. I’ve done Rogue before for a superhero party and all that hair dyeing was such a hassle. Any suggestions?

Participate in Thrill The World in full zombie regalia. At least once. Complete with zombie eye contacts and a clever costume.

Obtain a comic book artist portrait. That sounds so ridiculous, but I’ve always fantasized about becoming a comic book character. Not sure what the process would entail either – probably scouting out a decent picture and passing it off to the artist at a convention. Thinking Pablo Raimondi, Pia Guerra or Joelle Jones. Unless someone has an alternate suggestion?

Join or lead a geeky volunteer group. Like the PDX Browncoats. As mentioned before, this would unite my passion for contributing to the community AND displaying geekery in all it’s glory. Plus meeting and hanging out with a group of like-minded folks. Hopefully that can be checked off in the near future!

Alex Maleev sketch, Scarlet Witch

Sketch from Alex Maleev. Dude, he lives here in Portland but I haven’t seen him attending one convention in the last year. He was even noticeably absent at SDCC. What gives? He is elusive as fuck, which makes a sketch from him about as prized as a Unicorn horn.

Sit inside the cockpit of a Colonial Viper. It wasn’t just enough to SEE them. Seriously. It’s the equivalent to some fans of LOOKING at the Millenium Falcon. Want to touch! Want to see what it would look like if I was flying through space, blasting some frakin’ toasters. So say we all!

Create a comic book. I’m no artist, but I’ve dabbled in all forms of writing save one (or two) and it seems especially strange given my passion for comics. How hard would it be to work up a script? Probably not that difficult. The scary part would be in finding an artist who would be willing to put in the blood, sweat and tears to see those words brought to life.

Meet Joss Whedon AND Brian K. Vaughn. The last of the comic book scribes whose work has inspired and thrilled me over the years. They are both hugely talented and the opportunity to shake their hands or stare at them obsessively while my mind goes helplessly blank and my knees give way would be truly special.

Complete all Assassin’s Creed games with 100% achievements. Just cause.

Finish up the Phoenix Tattoo in the next two years. Provided both the DH and I can find stable employment situations. Have had to reschedule twice now, so London no doubt thinks I’m a flake. But I don’t intend to have a half-finished tattoo on my body forever.



Attend San Diego Comic Con At Least Once. This was listed as one of the top items on the collaborative nerd bucket list, so I believe I can safely assume the mantle of nerd for the rest of my days – having traveled to the geek mecca and survived the eye-gouging dangers of Hall H and witnessed the glory that was the Avengers Panel (even if we were in the back row and it was on the jumbo-tron). Check out the recap of SDCC 2010 starting here.

LOTR Extended Edition Marathon w/ Family and Friends. We manage to pull this one off every year right around Thanksgiving – it’s a perfect holiday film to zone out too after you’ve stuffed your face full of turkey and mashed potatoes. We’ve been slowly introducing my nephews to it, and now they’re in love.

You know who

Meet Nathan Fillion. Day Three of SDCC 2010. Granted, it was like .5 seconds. He probably didn’t even see me. But his sweaty hand accidentally bumped into mine while he was signing comic books, so that counts for something dammit!

Picture with Tahmoh Penikett. Looking back – we should have totally gotten pics with the entire cast! We did get to meet Colonel Tigh and Chief Tyrol touched my arm but sadly, we missed our chance and now must make amends by hunting every last one of them down. In a totally non-threatening way though. Recap here.

Meeting and getting pics with The Guild Cast. Not only did we get a signed picture of them, but they were awesome enough to chat with us and let us snap a few pictures. It was definitely one of the SDCC 2010 highlights.

Sketch from Tony Harris and Pia Guerra. If you haven’t read Ex Machina, you should. Pretty soon it will be an awesome cable TV Show like The Walking Dead and you can tell people you read it first and are far superior to them. Anywho – Tony Harris made Mitchell Hundred and the entire cast come alive on page and he is amazing. He chatted with me and drew up a sketch of Mayor Hundred and I nearly died. It was THE highlight of Emerald City Comic Con 2011. No doubt. Pia made Y: The Last Man equally awesome and it was a total shocker to see her at The Portland Comic Book Show. Basically anyone involved with sketching for Brian K. Vaughn is my artistic hero and I heart them.

Meeting Peter David, Robert Kirkman, and Greg Rucka. All famous comic book scribes whose work I admire.

Knit Harry Potter Scarves and Jayne Hats. Yet again, love when two opposing elements of life can combine for an orgy of geekery.

I feel like there’s something more I’m forgetting here – traveling to the BSG exhibit was pretty amazing, but I think that just about covers all my big nerd moments thus far.


For balance and to prove my life is not completely consumed with geekery:


1. Create a knitting pattern and post to Ravelry (also learn how to knit w/DPNs!)

2. Travel and do volunteer work in India and Nepal (also – travel by train while we’re there)

3. Become a librarian

4. Bike trip (thinking from our house to my parents cabin in Goldendale, WA)

5. Purchase a moped (motorcycles are a bit too bad-ass for me)

6. Live in another state or country

7. See the Grand Canyon/Northern Lights/Old Faithful

8. Get a certificate in Web Development/Design

9. Travel to Greece and Turkey

10. Visit Kat in Pittsburgh

11. Write a book

12. Have a baby

13. Pay off all credit card debt

14. Snorkel in Hawaii

15. Kayak in Puget Sound

16. Organize a themed bike ride for Pedalpalooza in June (this should be on the nerd list)


Hoping to check a few off both these lists this year. I’ll let you imagine what those might be. 🙂 Looking forward to hearing what items would be on your Bucket Lists, nerdy or non-nerdy.


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Mindy Crouchley is a 33 year old woman with a degree in English and Technical Writing from Portland State University. She has accumulated three+ years experience in the Marketing and Communications field - with an emphasis on creating digital media content. She has been reading comic books since she was 10 years old. She currently lives in outer southeast Portland with her spouse Dan Robertson, her baby girl, and their dog - Jabba the pug. She spends her free time devouring books, crafting cosplay, video gaming, attending comic cons, writing stories/screenplays, attending book to film adaptation club meetings, volunteering, and watching copious amounts of TV and movies.

5 responses to “Nerd Bucket List”

  1. erninlow says :

    We did meet Nathan Fillion, but actually talking to him would have to be added to my nerd bucket list. This is probably one of my favorite EW covers ever:

    My nerd bucket list would also have to include going to New Zealand and walking the road to Mordor.

    • tinyheroes says :

      Knew you would include a trip to New Zealand! I was having a hard time thinking of any other nerd thing I would want to travel to – aside from San Diego Comic Con. Oh wait – the Harry Potter Theme Park. I’ve never been to Florida before…maybe we should plan a trip down there together! 🙂

  2. Aspire 1683wlm Battery says :

    fridayreads Native Star by Hobson, which I thought was straight steampunk but actually bears a suspicious resemblance to a romance novel.

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