Spreading the Link Love:4/22/2011

Turns out I lied about writing a full review of Game of Thrones. I’m going to give the show at least another two episodes before judgements are cast. AND since I’ve been packing and prepping for Disneyland this weekend, this is going to be another entry full of linkspam – most of it is interesting, I promise!



To entice you into reading some of my vacation recaps, here is a sampling of the events on our agenda for the next five days.

1. ElecTRONica at the California Adventures Hollywood Pictures Backlot. Entering the Arcade was actually one of my favorite pieces of SDCC 2010 and I’m equally geeked out for this!

2. Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides: Sneak Peek in 3D. It’s been awhile since pirates were cool, but it might be worth packing some of our gear to get into the spirit and watch this film, which Dan insists we are doing.

3. Watching the Jedi Training Academy…and wishing I was 12.

4. Dinner at Medieval Times – cause someone needs to bring jousting back. As an Olympic sport. Or maybe the Gladiator style games. But not with spandex.

5. Unfortunately for us – STAR TOURS IS CLOSED WTF!!!!11!! but at least we can ride on Space Mountain and watch Captain EO. So it’s ALMOST like being 12 again.

6. At least one night I’d like to hang out in the House of Blues and spend some time at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen. It might remind me of all the good parts of my December trip to New Orleans. Either that or the Blue Bayou or Cafe Orleans restaurant. I would even settle for the French Market Restaurant.


And here’s the rest of the intriguing linkspam I’ve captured over the last week:


The book , “One Con Glory,” captures the trials and tribulations of a female nerd at a Comic Convention and is finally being made into a hilarious movie for the world to see. Thank the sweet and fluffy lord. It’s about damn time. While I love and adore male-centric geek flicks, this is definitely going to be more applicable to the ladies. We won’t be relegated to the token (usually white) female of the male dominated group.

Oh, the book and screenplay are written by a woman AND the producer is a lady too. Excellent.


Like many of the other obsessed Hunger Games fans, I’ve been following the casting news with equals parts dread and glee. Especially today – Paula Malcomson  is cast as the mother of Katniss Everdeen, Elizabeth Banks in talks to play Effie Trinket and John C. Reilly as a potential Haymitch. I’m even on  board with the unibrow Prim and those two tributes.

But the hardest casting news for me to swallow has been Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. Peeta was never going to satisfy because he’s one of those impossible to portray golden boys that all women are like *sigh, drool* for. Josh also looks pretty young, so I’m feeling lecherous beyond belief in trying to imagine him as a Peeta. In my mind Peeta was probably 25. Cause that makes it less weird.

Also the physical descriptions are completely backwards from the casting of both Peeta and Liam Hemsworth as Gale, so that’s been throwing me too. It’s tough for me to visualize them in those respective roles. Happily, MTV commissioned an artist to do that very thing for us. Here’s an artist rendering of Hutcherson and Hemsworth in their roles. OK, I’ll bite. With some hair, makeup, bulking up and slimming down they could reasonably fill out these characters. But I reserve the right to remain skeptical and say something to the effect of, “told ya so,” on opening day. 🙂


As mentioned before, I’m a VERY low-key fan girl of Game of Thrones, so my musings on the internet fervor around this show and on the A Song of Ice and Fire series (TV and book) itself is feeling removed and more objective than usual.

But I did really find lots of good nuggets of truth in this article. It’s another fangirl perspective, also covering a topic most people haven’t been whipped up into a frenzy about – how race is depicted in Westero (and in the fantasy genre in general). It does speak to some of my misgivings about the unsexy sex (how most sex in GoT is about power) which is awesome, because I was starting to wonder if I was one of the few people who was NOT charmed by most of the fornications on display.


That’s all I got – hitting the skies bright and early tomorrow morning (7am for the love of all that’s holy). Not sure what my blogging schedule will look like next week, but you can rest assured every entry will be awesome. As always. 😉


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4 responses to “Spreading the Link Love:4/22/2011”

  1. Addie says :

    Thanks for finding the Racialicious article I knew had to exist; I had been intending to find it and as expected they capture the discomfort I was feeling perfectly.

    • tinyheroes says :

      Exactly – I appreciate the viewpoint of someone who is a much bigger fan. The thing I love about fantasy and science fiction is the opportunity to rewrite the world into a different or better image. It’s intriguing when people chose to apply the same old stereotypes, regardless of their freedom to create something else.

    • Hollie says :

      Got it! Thanks a lot for helping me out!

  2. Veanna says :

    You’ve hit the ball out the park! Incredible!

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