“X-Men: First Class” Fever


I normally don’t go in for this kind of crap, but I’m anxious about this movie being good and redeeming the franchise. Here’s a leaked clip on YouTube. Watch it before it’s pulled:


It’s happening again – Fox has control of one of my favorite properties and is teasing me with a potentially good film. Literally – teasing. Dropping intriguing character vignettes YouTube videos and releasing 40 still images in the last week.

Glad to see the black leather is not making a come-back.

I KNOW I should have learned my lessons by now. But I actually liked Matthew Vaughn’s Kick Ass and the writing team looks pretty solid – Ashley Miller, Zack Stentz and Jane Goldman have all proven themselves on movies and TV shows which have plenty of nerd credentials.

Also – the lineup of qualified and talented actors and actresses further serves to muddle my usually quite rational thinking when going into a film like this. Yes, the continuity continues to be further eroded and fucked up. Yes, it makes no sense that Emma Frost has now appeared in two films completely out of a rational timeline (maybe all will be explained?). I’ve no hope of ever seeing my favorite characters interact on-screen in a normal way. Ahem, that would be Rogue and Gambit. I’m a child of the 90s animated cartoon series, so there’s no changing my mind. The best thing is just to accept that I love these two characters together and walk away.

Against my better judgement: I do think “X-Men: First Class” has the potential to be good. And potential potential is VERY exciting.

When it gets right down to it – X-Men are my favorite superhero group. I’ll support them no matter what shitty-ass movie or cartoon series or spin-off is being made. I’ll give them more of my time and energy than I would donate to any other Marvel, DC, Dark Horse property. It’s an abusive relationship, and I’ll keep coming back for more until they close up shop.

Here are the aforementioned character introduction trailers to entice you:





In the last couple days they also released 40 *potentially spoilery still images.*  Not sure exactly how a few of them are spoilery, if you’ve been watching any of the trailers, you’ve probably already inferred who the villains will be and what their intentions are.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Sexy Xavier and Erik

Sexual tension between Mystique and Beast

Approve of Lucas Till as Havok

Dan refuses to get excited about this film. I’ve already started watching the Astonishing X-Men motion comic and flipping through my extensive floppy collection in anticipation.

At the very  least, this will be yet another jumpstart back into the X-World. We shall see how long that lasts. In the interim, until June 3rd FINALLY rolls around, I have exciting little tidbits like this to tide me over. What about you? Excited? Dubious? Spurned one too many times? 


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Watch the International Trailer (it’s always better)


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