X-Shirts: Female Mutant Inspired Fashions

Do you know how difficult it’s been to find an attractive, properly fitting ladies shirt with one of the X-Womenz emblazoned across the chest? Well, it’s been damn difficult. This may shock some of you but Storm, Phoenix and Rogue just aren’t the most popular Marvel faces affixed to an item of clothing.

This also goes hand in hand with another rant/beef I have: even though Rogue is much-beloved by fangirls (this fangirl at least) there is not a single mass-produced costume inspired by her character. Any Rogue costumes and wigs have to be custom made. Which SUCKS if you want to dress up but can’t sew your own.

It’s only been recently that the Storm and Phoenix pre-fabricated costumes have appeared for purchase through major retailers (in varying degrees of skankitude).


Weird mix of old school costume and original Phoenix. With just a dash of sleaze.


I really adore the head piece to this costume. And all the silver. It pretty much rocks 100%.

I love the Storm version, but wonder about cosplay race-bending.

Is it appropriate for a white person to cosplay as a comic book character of color? According to this blog post, no. And for all intents and purposes, I tend to agree.

So then, would it be weird for me to wear a shirt with Storm on it? Unfortunately there is no guide post on the internet for that particular question (THE NET HAS FAILED ME!)…so I’m gonna also go with “no.” And use a similar set of logic: there are enough white female X-Characters with whom I can identify. If anyone wants to argue I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

Anywho – the whole point of this post was to highlight the trend of using the X-Ladies (the BEST ones, sans White Queen) on more clothing attire. And jazzing them up a bit, so it’s not the old Jim Lee 90s version or the throwbacks to the original crew either.

The first set I spotted yesterday was Mucha inspired X-Women. There are prints and soon-to-be T-Shirts available. Gorgeous! Remember back when I wanted a Mucha Rogue tattoo on my left arm to give some balance and symmetry? I’m not alone in that!

I’m not certain I would choose this image or costume specifically, but I would certainly use this idea and outline as a model when describing the tattoo to an artist. I’d want something a little more powerful, with the white and green cowl version (mid 2000s). Though I do heart 90s Rogue to the extreme.

The second slightly askew X-Character clothing spotted yesterday was the 80s versions of Phoenix, Rogue, Storm and Shadowcat. DUDE – Storm looks so freaking awesome! Her print is by far the best of the bunch, though I’d probably scoop them all up if I had the scrilla. As it stands, I do not. I’m holding off on many nerdy purchases because I have a crap ton of expenses in the next few months (camping trips, a week at the Coast, my birthday, etc).

If I had all the money in the world I would buy these four shirts:

These aren’t the first cool X-Shirts to give some variation on the traditional comic book style. I picked up a hoodie from Threadless last summer right after San Diego Comic Con – the X-MENAGERIE design is still available in larger sizes. I like that this design is delightfully under the radar.

I’m also digging the 80s Tees take on “girl power” with the Girls Rule Marvel T-Shirt. It’s a decent rendition of a version DC has been putting out for awhile. While Phoenix is the only X-Lady represented, Scarlet Witch makes an appearance.

Is anyone else cheesed out by the "Girls Rock!" mantras on these tees?

Another cool find? This Nightcrawler shirt with the purple smoke and BAMF on the front. AND this series of comic book superheroes turned into Mr. Men (not shirts, but just as cool).

Also in love with this Wonder Woman image from Junk Food Clothing. They have an impressive array of hip looking superhero garments styled for women. Only two are Marvel centric and none feature a single female character. Kinda blows…but that gorgeous Wonder Woman image makes up for it.

Duuuude – pretty sure I want to locate an Xavier Institute Iron-On Patch and make a cool track jacket for X-Men First Class release date. What say you world? 

Anyone know where I can pick up a patch in Portland between now and June 3rd?


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