Tuesdays with Mindy: Couples Who Game Together…

Sometimes this blog feels like a confessional…so in that vein I have a dirty secret to share. I started playing World of Warcraft again. Last month, right after cousins Eric and Carly visited. And it’s all their fault.

Ilyria, Level 51, Looking Bad Ass

Plus the account was totally free until Level 20. And I get to be a Draenei!! I’ve been secretly pining for years to be a virtual character with a tail, ram horns and goat hooves. All my prayers have now been answered.

I used to play WoW many, many years ago (about six of them), but had to give it up when we were shaving costs to move out of my parents house and into our own place. Yes, at that time a $30 WoW subscription WAS really going to make or break us. And The Burning Crusade expansion was just coming out. We couldn’t afford to buy it, were moving anyway…and it just made sense to abandon the whole enterprise.

A few years later I got a nasty email from Blizzard telling me I had violated the WoW economy and they were closing my account. I fired off an equally irritated email and was summarily bounced around in their system until I didn’t have the time or energy to pursue it any longer. Case closed. Well, when I wanted to activate my account again – I had to deal with their customer service. It was actually quite pleasant and because I intended to start paying them money (it helps to remind businesses of this, cause sometimes they forget), they were willing to reverse all the nasty things they said about me. Basically someone hacked my account and set up some dummy characters and violated their terms of use. Or whatever.

Sadly – all the characters I had created are now lost to me. It looks like one entire Night Elf was deleted (R.I.P. Sarasvati) and another I can only see the stats (R.I.P. Arjuna). I had a thing for Hindu Mythology for awhile, ya’ll.

But now I’ve created newer – better characters (yes, I already have three of them). Two of them are Draenei – a Level 51 Hunter (Ilyria) and a Level 15 Paladin (Argeus). I also started up a Horde character (they’re kinda the bad guys) and she’s a Level 8 Blood Elf named Miss Frosty. I styled her to look like Emma Frost. I’ve also had a slew of pets – three different cats (all named Chairman Meow), two wolves (Wolfenstein and Ghost), a diseased bear (Gentle Ben), an owl (Archimedes), and a moth (Mothra). My current animals are a bloodhound (Blood Dumpster), a green and yellow striped saber cat (Chairman Meow the third), and a flying snake creature (Kaa, from the jungle book).

Me and Dan + WoW Fishing = Twu Luv

Our guild is the Mudsprocket Marauders – it’s largely comprised of Robertsons and Robertson descendants. Most of the Guildies we communicate with are Level 85…so there is a big incentive to level up quickly and start more actively contributing to the guild achievements and quests.

Dan and I spent pretty much this entire weekend cloistered in our respective corners of the house, communicating with each-other via Skype and questing/dungeoning/raiding to our hearts content.

This isn’t our first foray into couples gaming…or WoW. Our first real joint gaming venture was X-Men Legends – one of those action RPGs you can level and build characters in. We were so obsessed we even brought the console on our honeymoon and spent an evening doing nothing but eating licorce and gaming. It was glorious.

After that we got hooked on Stubbs: The Zombie. A few months later WoW came around. But you already know the long sorted story around that.

We hit another dry spell until I got hooked on Jade Empire…then it was Wii Sports…and then nothing for a year or so until The Force Unleashed and Assassin’s Creed. Following that was Left 4 Dead and we’ve been engaged with those franchises for the last year or so. So it’s not as if Dan and I haven’t had the video game connection before.

But I won’t lie – we’ve been through a rocky 6-9 months, struggling through periods of unemployment, over-employment, full-time schooling and some major life decisions – you know, regular stuff you are faced with as an adult. And it’s been awhile since we collaborated on an artistic project or were engaged with eachother on a creative level. Not that WoW is particularly creative, but you know what I mean.

Couples Who Quest Together

We suddenly have a lot more to say to one another. I’m spending more time interacting with his two brothers than I probably ever have (well, their disembodied Skype voices). I dunno…it’s been fun. We spend our dinner conversations and car-commutes chatting about lame dungeon raids and reminiscing about past Hunter pets or talking about our plans to boost our Alchemy points.

It’s fun having a joint gaming venture again.  Although I’m concerned that sometimes our WoW playing sucks up entire weekends (ahem) and our house is starting to smell a little funky. It’s easy to get wrapped up in this game but I think both of us have a pretty healthy approach to it. We’ve been able to disconnect when we have family functions or evenings with friends. I’m still knee-deep in couponing and was even able to finish this month’s book club selection last week. We still find time to watch our shows and exercise and go grocery shopping. You know, we’re not crazy…yet.

Our fun times may be coming to an end soon – we’re fast approaching the point where we’d need to purchase the Wrath of the Lich King expansion (x2) in order for both of us to continue playing and “leveling.” And then shortly after that – we’d need to buy Cataclysm. Hmph.

But I have really enjoyed connecting with Dan, his brothers and the cousins through this medium. I’m pleased I don’t have to worry about being a Gamer Widow or fear that Dan and I will ever divorce because of video game addiction. In truth, he is far more into it than I am…but happily I have other interests to pursue when he’s busy gaming.

I’m looking forward to this current relationship adventure. It’s been a welcome change from the status quo of the last year or so – he’s in his room doing homework which inevitably gives way to gaming with his brothers. I’m on the couch in the livingroom, watching some crappy reality TV program and knitting or surfing the internet. I like the new set-up. I hope it stays around for awhile, and flourishes into something different.

Like couples Badminton. But that’s a whole different post. 🙂


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2 responses to “Tuesdays with Mindy: Couples Who Game Together…”

  1. Will says :

    I have enjoyed spending more time with you too Mindy. You are an awesome sis in law….screw that, you are awesome family.
    It seems whenever I head over to your house or I am chatting with Dan we go into another room and leave you all by yourself and I was bothered by this.
    It is nice to be able to interact and do something we all enjoy.
    I hear you about the game purchase but I think I have found it cheaper than Dan did….so I can at least help in that way.

  2. Rik says :

    I think these kinda of bonds can really help make a couple happy!

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