Game of Thrones Costumes: Brienne of Tarth

After a drunken conversation about Game of Thrones with one of my oldest friends – she announced her intention to dress as a relatively obscure GoT character. Of course Dan and I took up the gauntlet that she’d thrown down – and we all three agreed to dress as characters for Halloween. She is going as Melisandre, Dan as Qhorin Halfhand and I’m attempting Brienne of Tarth. So of course I’ve been spending most of the last few days looking up ways to make my costume as authentic as possible.


Base Outfit:

This was the first one that caught my eye, but the cut of the top is too low and the fabric on the sleeves doesn’t even remotely resemble mail. Blah.

Joan of Arc Costume

Joan of Arc Costume

This one fits the bill much better, except for the startling lack of a skirt or any kind of armor on the bottom half of the body. Its one of the few pieces to actually boast chest armor designed for lady boobs. HAS to be paired with something else.

Silver Glamazon Costume

Silver Glamazon Costume

I will probably have to purchase this Men’s Templar Costume to poach the shoulder armor and the fabric chain mail shirt with hoods. Not sure yet how I’m going to make it attach to the chest piece or what kind of leggings I’ll need – probably go for brown with black boots…some silver knee pads perhaps?

Men's Crusader Costume

Men's Crusader Costume

Skirt: A rubber armor skirt that could be used for the bottom half of the costume.

Rubber Armor Skirt

Rubber Armor Skirt

Found some decent Roman style silver leggings that could pretty well complete the outfit.

Roman Style Leg Guards

Roman Style Leg Guards


This was actually a pretty easy outfit to put together– considering nearly everything Dan would need is included. Just remove the helm and it’s perfect. It would be cool if the cape had a hood attached, because a man of the watch would surely need one. We can toy around with figuring out how to get one on there I’m certain.

Viking Warrior Costume

Viking Warrior Costume

There’s a possibility that the Brienne outfit will just be too costly and frustrating to put together, so I’ve determined a few other lesser characters who would be just as fun and easier/cheaper. 


There was no female costume that worked for my limited interpretation of Osha (I’ve only read through book 2). But I think this men’s Robin Hood getup will work perfectly. It’s much cheaper than Brienne and the costume could also work for MEERA REED as well. Although I wouldn’t mind her in a dress paired with leggings, if any of them had frakkin’ sleeves.

Robin Hood Costume

Robin Hood Costume


She is a major power player and would easily be the most recognizable character. Which also means one of the easier to costume. This greek goddess dress + a long blonde braided wig + dragon to mount on a shoulder. Boom. Done. Probably less than $100.

Greek Goddess Costume

Greek Goddess Costume

So – I’m at an impasse. And my tendency towards cheapness is starting to win out with Daenerys, who is one of my favorite characters. Her and Arya, but she is too young and her features are too dark. I could use the input of my Song of Ice and Fire buddies. What say you?


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8 responses to “Game of Thrones Costumes: Brienne of Tarth”

  1. addie says :

    As I said on FB – don’t rule out doing some mild sewing. I’m going to be buying a cape pattern for my Mel outfit, which means that adapting for a Night’s Watch cape as well wouldn’t be a hard thing. And I bet it would save you some money, too. I’d just need you to spend time with me while I’m working on it – and help with cutting things out.

    • tinyheroes says :

      Sweet – I’d like to make the Night’s Watch cape with a hood – that will be the fur one. I’m not too concerned with the cape for Brienne – I just want to get the blue color in there to represent Renly’s rainbow guard. If you could help me with the hood during a Sunday Funday, I would be forever in your debt! 🙂

  2. Paul Till says :

    I have found an honest plus economical provider of fancy dress outfits and I figured I would share the idea with all your readers. If you would like invest in a fancy dress costume then it might save you money if you go to the webpage within the link.

  3. Robin says :

    So, did you do it and where are the pictures? Thinking about it myself for this year!

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