True Blood Season Four: Truly Done

It was with great reluctance I sat down to ingest Season 4’s bounty of True Blood over this summer. But I managed to choke it all down and even get myself moderately excited about the season finale on Sunday.

But this show has truly gone off course.

True Blood PosterAnd this is coming from a woman who spent the last week of unemployment watching the first two seasons again and enjoying them immensely.

It’s just depressing to see how nicely everything was set up – how they took the time to develop interesting characters which they have now abandoned for mere caricatures. Sadly, it’s not an uncommon theme in television anymore for the creative team to use the first few seasons to create characters and then forget about growth or relatability and sacrificed it all for the plot and water cooler moments.

Well, I no longer have a water cooler to gather around. So I guess this means I can say goodbye to True Blood as well. Even before Tara had her brains blown out in the same kitchen where Gran died, I knew I was done. None of the characters have shown any real progression or any logical reasoning since the beginning of Season 3. Jason is a complete fucking mystery. Jessica and Hoyt breaking up made NO SENSE.

The sense of community amongst the characters – their connection – their humanity – it’s gone. There hasn’t been a moment to breathe and I have no more breath to waste.

Really, despite my inclination towards nerdosity – mutants, vampires, werewolves, aliens, zombies – I need to feel like I know where the people are coming from. Motivation. Character development. Archs. A storyline that ties everyone together in a way which doesn’t feel clunky and forced.

It’s not too much to ask for. And there are moments where I still see glimmers of what the show was promised to be. In the graveside conversation between Sam and Hoyt’s Mom. When Sookie and Tara were connecting at the kitchen table. It used to be a people story with vampires. Now it’s a vampire story with people. And that doesn’t really work for me.

Or it could be as I predicted, I’m just OVER vampires and the inundation of the supernatural in every aspect of popular culture.

What is continuing to degrade in True Blood was the same reason I stopped tuning into Heroes. We’ll give it the next 9 months and see if I feel like punishing myself with Season 5. Until then, I’ll always have Season 1 and 2 as a reminder of what quality the show could aspire to.


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