A Song of Ice and Fire: Halloween Costume Recap

Blame Nanowrimo for the lack of posting this week. After clocking in 2,000 words of fiction everyday, it is difficult to get inspired for a blog entry, I will admit. So I’m bout to be super lazy and just throw some pics at you. Get ready!

Here are the awesomely epic Game of Thrones inspired costumes we happened across this weekend.

The spouse and I dressed as Brienne of Tarth and Samwell Tarly. If you look closely you might even spot that I added freckles to my face to really flesh out the Brienne look. No one was willing to admit I have a horse face. Bless their hearts. šŸ˜‰

Brienne of Tarth and Samwell Tarly

Our buddy Addie came dressed as Melisandre, complete with sexy red contacts and a hand sewn cape. Also, the coolest Jon Snow necklace of all times. She promised to make me one. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t totally stoked.

Brienne of Tarth and Melisandre

We hit up our friends party the next night and just happened to bump into another Game of Thrones nerd couple with themed costumes. The dude was dressed as an Other and she was Melisandre. Quite a popular choice! Ā I only wish we could have found a Daenerys or Jaime Lannister to complete the group. Hats off to everyone on their costumes though. The lady of the couple really went all out – she even created the banner of Stannis Baratheon. Happy Day!

An Other, Melisandre and Samwell Tarly

You can check out the making of the Brienne costume on these posts:

Brienne of Tarth Part One.

Brienne of Tarth Part Two.

Brienne of Tarth Part Three.

Really enjoyed putting these costumes together and nerding out with people who actually knew what they represented! Being surrounded by fellow nerds this weekend inspired me to start reading Book 3 again, and I’m like 25% of the way through. No spoilers here – but so far I’m glad I stuck with it so far. George R. R. Martin is one sick bastard, that’s all I have to say.


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8 responses to “A Song of Ice and Fire: Halloween Costume Recap”

  1. jan says :

    Kwel costumes but… I thought said spouse was going as HalfHand??

  2. Dan says :

    Yup. I am a Tarly, look at those pictures, no other way about it.

  3. Redhead says :

    I love that your “prop” is a severed hand! great pictures!

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