Emerald City Comic Con 2012: Top 5 Highlights

Emerald City Comic Con poster

We booked our hotel and registered our tickets for Emerald City Comic Con 2012 months ago. I was especially excited about the prospect of meeting Katee Sackhoff AND Edward James Olmos, so I didn’t spend much time prior to the convention planning or even reviewing the comic book guests. Decided to use this as my pop culture/media frenzy event for the year. A few weeks ago when Sackhoff cancelled her appearance due to acting engagements, I was more than a little bummed. Still excited to meet Edward James Olmos, but was *this* close to having both those items crossed off my nerd bucket list.

With considerably less enthusiasm, I downloaded the Guidebook App and went through their schedule of events, plotting out a handful of interesting looking panels. I think we averaged about one panel a day, but again – they were mostly for media guests so you won’t find any breaking news items here.

Top 5 Highlights from Emerald City Comic Con 2012:

5. Ready Player One Panel. For me was the most interesting panel we attended because the author of the book series, Ernest Cline, not only discussed his enduring love for Star Wars but the Hollywood process behind the making of his original screenplay Fanboys and the years long journey to publish “Ready Player One” which has now been optioned for the big screen. We didn’t stay for the Q&A session, but he delivered an inspiring few sentences on the writing process which have given me a long, hard look at my novel.

Ernest Cline, Author of Ready Player One

Ernest Cline, Author of Ready Player One

4. Meeting Wil Wheaton and Witnessing his Awesome Hour. In which he plugged his table-top gaming series on Felicia Day‘s recently released Geek and Sundry YouTube Channel. I’m certain Dan and I will check it out. He also wrote a book Memories From The Future, Volume 1 about his experience with the first season of Star Trek The Next Generation we will hunt down as well. He was very gracious when we snapped pictures and was super complimentary about my tattoo.

Mindy, Wil Wheaton, and Dan

Mindy, Wil Wheaton, and Dan

3. Cosplaying as World War II Captain America. Only at a comic book convention does everyone not only KNOW who you are, but seem thrilled that you bothered to dress up. It was a very weird experience having my picture taken by random strangers. I’m used to being the one behind the camera. The Cap outfit definitely got more love than the Left 4 Dead Zoey costume from last year. It was pretty amazing to have “normies” request to take pictures with me, and to get effusive and excited responses from other cosplayers (in particular the couple dressed as Cloak and Dagger). My favorite was a young woman dressed as movie Loki with no horns who had clearly spent hours and hours on her costume. I told her it was the best I’d seen at the con and she was beside herself. Also – a great Batwoman. Ah, so many awesome costumes! I will post a slideshow on Wednesday. 🙂

Captain Americas taking Loki into custody

Captain Americas taking Loki into custody

2. Picking up some great new art for the walls. We are actually running out of space now and had a serious conversation about cycling some of our current art out and restocking with what we recently purchased. Yes, the prints are X-Men. Specifically Rogue and Gambit. Gorgeous stuff. I would pimp the name of the artist, but he was kind of a jerk and it soured the art buying experience. Hate it when that happens. I’m looking at you Mike Mignola.

Rogue and Gambit Prints

Rogue and Gambit Prints

1. Meeting Edward James Olmos and seeing him speak in his panel. As an actor and an activist, he’s an incredibly interesting person and I would love to share a cup of coffee (or tea) with to discuss the state of the world and his opinions about science fiction and the future. Not to mention, all the inside gossip about BSG. Sadly, he did confirm BSG: Blood and Chrome will not be picked up into a series (as we already knew). But his leading the entire room in a boisterous round of “So Say We All” pretty much made my day, week, month, year and life.

Mindy, Edward James Olmos, Dan

Mindy, Edward James Olmos, Dan

Also Worth Mentioning: George Takei panel, all the gracious cosplayers who let us take their pictures, a delicious pint of Pyramid Apricot Ale, running into Brian Joines, drinks and Italian dinner with Josh, Top Pot Raspberry Doughnut, the helpful and friendly Minions and Staff at ECCC and The Washington State Convention Center.

We took a more relaxed approach to conventioning this year and scrapped the “conning on a budget idea.” Instead, we took breaks for delicious sit-down meals and didn’t try to rush out the door too early or stay out too late. Despite not getting much sleep due to snoring room-mates and the construction across the street from the hotel, it was one of the more relaxing cons we’ve attended. The absence of concrete plans and the desire to record and report on everything served us well. 

Conventioning can be hard work and this was the closest to a “vacation” any out-of-town convention has ever felt. Thanks for another great year Emerald City Comic Con! I’ll post some pictures of the costumes tomorrow. 


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