Mass Effect Mix: Good Shepard

Mass Effect 3 Female Shepard

I’m back…for now. I was sucked into a Bioware vortex for the last month or so and played through the entire Mass Effect trilogy *twice* and also chalked up both Dragon Age games as well. Sooo, writing and a social life and basic hygiene have really suffered.

No really, I’m clean and in relatively good mental health now (though I still spend a ridiculous amount of time stalking the Garrus tag on Tumblr). And, as with all great fandoms in which music plays a key role (or none at all), I have emerged on the other side of this month-long hedonism with a pretty frakking awesome playlist.

Here goes:

1. One Beat – Sleater-Kinney

2. Bad Girls – M.I.A.

3. You’ll Find A Way – Santogold

4. Raspberry Swirl – Tori Amos

5. 3rd Planet – Modest Mouse

6. Machete – Moby 

7. Body Below – Mirah

8. Y Control – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

9. Get Some – Lykke Li

10. Bad Reputation – Joan Jett

11. Gold Guns Girls – Metric

12. No Light, No Light – Florence & The Machine

13. He Said She Said – Joe Purdy

14. Standing in the Way of Control – The Gossip

15. Idioteque – Radiohead

16. C’est la Mort – The Civil Wars

You can also listen to the YouTube playlist here, if you are feeling so inclined.

This is not to disparage the most amazing video game soundtrack ever (with Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood coming a close second) or all the amazing fan-made music I’ve stumbled upon and loved in the last month.

There is so much great art being made for this fandom, and I’ve even met some cool new local artist peeps in the process. So, life is extraordinarily good right now, which means I have no excuse to NOT blog.

Making a playlist has helped purge me of some of my angstier ME feels, and I’m not ashamed to admit I’m on a third playthrough will full intentions to romance Liara. But…I still might end up with Garrus. He’s my space husband. I guess Liara is my space wife? I think I might cheat on her in ME2. Because Garrus.

I’ve been keeping tabs on Tumblr about some of my game-play antics, but since this is my “official” blog, it might be nice to capture some of the insanity here too, in which I’m not copiously fangirling over pictures of Garrus drinking tea or making cupcakes or canoodling in bed or…ahem, you get the idea. Here is where logic and order reigns supreme. Where things are liberally dissected.

I’ll put up a couple posts with brief reviews of my first two playthroughs this week and maybe next week some thoughts about Dragon Age vs Mass Effect. It will be fun kiddos, I promise.

Clearly, I’ve had a lot of time to consider my re-entry into normal life. So here’s hoping I can be a regular blogger again. 🙂


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