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Guest Post: Dan’s Birthday List 2012

**Guest post by Dan Robertson, send all complaints to

My birthday is rolling around (March 14th) and every year about this time I make up a list of things that have their awesome turned up to 11. You can expect random, expensive and amazing tech gadgets to follow:

#1. NFC Micro SD Card

Retail: $75ish (Price not final from Moneto)

NFC Micro SD Card

My current phone is a LG G2x. Great little device, lots of power, great screen but no NFC. And I want Google Wallet.  The NFC SD card from moneto debuted at CES 2012 and gives any iPhone/Blackberry/Android phone access to all the NFC goodness you could want! In case you are wondering the device is still an SD still has storage, only 4gb currenlty but they are working on more.

Finally! I can pay for a Big Mac with my phone!!

#2. JawBone Up


Retail: $99.99

Jawbone Up

I think this year is going to see a lot of devices that start to take advantage of your ubiquitous internet connection via your phone. I am speaking of watches that connect to you phone via Bluetooth and tell you who’s calling without having to take your phone out your pocket, or piloting a quadrocoper via remote video and your phone as the controller.

The Jawbone Up is a bracelet you wear, it works as a pedometer, tracks your location, and your sleep patterns (via the accelerometer), it uses your phones internet connection to upload this data and compile it into a readout that will help you better understand how you live and work. In addition it has a really cool wake feature. Since the Up is able to see and understand what level of sleep you are in, it can pick just the right time to wake you feeling refreshed and awake, it does so with a series of vibrations. I am excited to try this out and review the metadata it is able to collect on myself.

Creepy computer monitoring me from afar: Check!

#3. Bluetooth Headphones:

Amazon Link

Retail: $47.99

Bluetooth Headphones

A wireless headset is a pretty basic idea. I like the foam ‘earplug’ style, it’s like noise cancelling, but cheaper. I go through my $10.00 Target bought Skull Candy headphones about one pair a month. The reason is the damn jack, it’s ALWAYS BREAKING. So I have decided I want something without a jack. And here we go.

Now I can talk to myself like a crazy person walking down the street!

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