13 Reasons in Riverdale: The Playlist

13 reasons

Two fair to middling teen oriented TV series I’ve devoured in the last month. Each with their own particular aesthetic, but soundtracks that seemed to blend fairly effortlessly together.

That’s how the 13 Reasons in Riverdale playlist was born:

1. Kids in America – Riverdale Cast

2. Young & Unafraid – The Moth & The Flame

3. Laser Gun – M83

4. Dance Hall Days – Imperial Mammoth

5. The Night We Met – Lord Huron

6. I Feel Love – Riverdale Cast

7. Love is Mystical – Cold War Kids

8. Mess is Mine – Vance Joy

9. Gold – Kiiara

10. Hey Hey, My My – Battleme

11. 13 Tapes – Eskmo

12. Rendezvous Girl – Santigold

13. The Walls Came Down – The Call

14. Love as a Weapon – Little Scream

15. Cowards Starve – Protomartyr

16. Believer – Imagine Dragons

17. Killing Moon – Roman Remains

18. Bury – Union

19. Into The Black – Chromatics

There’s a YouTube playlist here.

And a Spotify playlist here.

I am also happy to burn people a CD copy as well. Happy listening!

Oscar Mix: 2016


Hey All!

It’s past time for the annual unveiling of the Oscar Mix playlist for the 2016 year in movies. These were handed out as party favors at our super lowkey Oscars shindig six weeks ago. I still have a few copies if anyone is into it. 🙂

1. Larger Than Life – Captain America: Civil War (Henry Jackman)

2. Sabotage – Star Trek: Beyond (Beastie Boys)

3. Rogue One – Rogue One (Michael Giacchino)

4. Ballroom Blitz – Sweet (Suicide Squad – trailer)

5. Donkey Roll – Popstar (Lonely Island)

6. Maximum Effort (Night Club Remix) – Deadpool (Junkie XL)

7. Runnin – Hidden Figures (Pharrell Williams)

8. The Sound of Silence – Trolls (Anna Kendrick)

9. Sapir-Whorf – Arrival (Johann Johannson)

10. Something’s Not Right – The Girl on the Train (Danny Elfman)

11. Sledgehammer – Star Trek: Beyond (Rihanna)

12. Crash Decisions – Star Trek: Beyond (Michael Giacchino)

13. Go for Baroque – Dr. Strange (Michael Giacchino)

14. Shining Star – Dr. Strange (Earth, Wind, & Fire)

15. Wobani Imperial Labor Camp – Rogue One (Michael Giacchino)

16. Tina Takes Newt In/Macusa Headquarters – Fantastical Beasts (James Newton Howard)

17. Red Giant – Passengers (Thomas Newman)

18. Left Hand Free – Captain America: Civil War (Alt-J)

19. The Magnificent Seven – The Magnificent Seven (Elmer Bernstein)

20. End Titles – Fantastic Beasts (James Newton Howard)

21. True Colors – Trolls (Anna Kendrick)

22. Exit Music (For a Film) – Westworld (Ramin Djawadi)

23. Deadpool Rap (Acoustic Version) – Deadpool (Brentwood Duo)


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Metal Heart Goes to Rose City Comic Con!


Hello everyone!

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Metal Heart v2 (6)

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Metal Heart – a young adult novel by Mindy Crouchley

Metal Heart v2 (6)

Hey All!

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Mindy C

Oscar Music Mix 2013


A time honored tradition in our household, the annual culling of the previous year’s movie scores and soundtracks to create a mega compilation that will delight all for at least a year until the next round.

This was a great year for superhero movies, science fiction and fantasy – so that is largely what is featured on this playlist. There are actually even a few Oscar nominated films guest starring as well.

1. Ideal of Hope – Anime Kei (Superman: Man of Steel)
2. Pacific Rim – Ramin Djawadi and Tom Morello
3. London Calling – Michael Giacchino (Star Trek: Into Darkness)
4. Can You Dig It – Brian Tyler (Iron Man 3)
5. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody – Fergie, Q-Tip & Goonrock (The Great Gatsby)
6. Thor: Dark World – Brian Tyler
7. Long Black Road – The Electric Light Orchestra (American Hustle)
8. 1976 – Hans Zimmer (Rush)
9. Love is Blindness – Jack White (The Great Gatsby)
10. Oblivion – M83 (Oblivion)
11. Atlas – Coldplay (Hunger Games: Catching Fire)
12. The Battle Room – Steve Jablonsky (Ender’s Game)
13. White Rabbit – Mayssa Karaa (American Hustle)
14. Mhysa – Ramin Djawadi (Game of Thrones: Season 3)
15. Silver – Hans Zimmer (The Lone Ranger)
16. Money Musk – Tim Fain (12 Years a Slave)
17. Roll Jordan Roll (feat. Chiwetel Ejiofor) – Topsy Chapman (12 Years a Slave)
18. Will the Circle Be Unbroken – Bioshock Infinite
19. Finale – Hans Zimmer (The Lone Ranger)

As always, if you ask me nicely I can mail you a burned copy of the CD via the good old US postal service. Possibly with a special, nerdy treat included. Email me at Mindy@tinyheroes.net if you’re interested! 

NaNoWriMo 2013: Week Three



I’m noticing a depressing trend of not actually being able to hit any goal I set, but I’m not letting that stop me. So, that’s good, right? 😛

Last Saturday I intended to write a bit when we were driving, and instead cleared a few more chapters in Metal Heart with Dan. That was kind of a productive, authorly thing to do. Congrats! When we actually got up to the cabin, there was a burning man to construct and burn, nails to paint, dinner to munch on, Munchkin to play and wine and… no writing.

THEN on Sunday, I slogged my laptop upstairs, curled up on a bed with a pug dog – all prepared to type up at least a chapter to the glorious sounds of my family members playing a board game.

When I woke up two hours later with less than two paragraphs written, damn, I felt good because of sleep, but the lack of any written words sucked.

Again, we read a few more chapters on the way home. We’re almost done with the final read-through.

AND THE REST OF THE TIME: I managed to pump out a paltry 4000 words this week.

I haven’t EVEN gotten close to the end of this new chapter. But I spent a considerable amount of mental energy yesterday mapping the next sequence of the book out (quite literally). Google Maps is the best, ya’ll. Found the perfect location for these characters to travel and even hit a cool plot point that wouldn’t have otherwise happened.

I’m actually not too upset about my lack of forward progress or my inability to reach this word count goal by the end of the month. The spirit is just to keep writing and putting words together. Doing research. Keeping your head in that space. So, it’s motivation. Given the other trials and tribulations of the month, I’m doing alright.


There’s another two day window where I DON’T HAVE MUCH TO DO. But that has equated in the past few weeks to all sorts of interruptions and myriad ways to fill my time.

Aside from house cleaning, a little house deconstruction at my sister’s, and a Saturday night board game party… there are at least a few hours of day and night time that I could devote to the book. I am tempering my optimism with a harsh dose of realism this weekend, judging by my track record. It’s not even procrastination anymore… if I just let life happen, people will fill in the spare time for me. 😦

Dan and I were going over my excuses for not making any significant gains this week and I finally said, “There’s always an excuse not to write.”


REVISED GOAL: Reach 80,000 words for the month

GOAL FOR THE WEEK: Well, it’s basically the last week, aside from a few days over Thanksgiving weekend so uhm… I have nearly 20,000 words to go. The honest likelihood of typing that many words is slim to none, but you know, whatever. I would love to knock out a few more chapters. My protagonists current goal is to reach Houston, Texas. I’d like to get there with them.


NaNoWriMo 2013: Week Two



Hit the weekend full throttle, with copious hours stretching before me to achieve the word count goal.

And the weekend hit back.

Last Saturday I was curled up with a kidney stone, hopped up on drugs for the pain. Not so fun, that. Somehow I managed to slog through 5,000 words, even totally doped up. And watched Thor: Dark World again. Because Thor.

THEN on Sunday, I had such best intention. SUCH BEST INTENTIONS.

But after running a few errands and settling in to bang away at the keyboard… all hell broke loose.

My mom came in to ask a question. My SIL showed up to collect a check and borrow a video game. My BIL showed up to collect a game system and borrow a video game.

Dan and our friend Griggs returned from the store and we snacked and chatted before they started armor building.

My buddy Smalls came over to drop off a doughnut and collect a mix CD.

At some point it became apparent I would get absolutely ZERO writing done that day (to be fair, I think one sentence was logged) and I just gave up and started checking some of the other items off the To Do List. Took down the Halloween decorations. Photo-shopped some pictures for a work project. Cleaned up the place a bit. Attempted to wrangle leaves off the walkway.

Basically – a bunch of crap I wouldn’t normally be compelled to do, but nothing makes you more productive than procrastination. Especially when it comes to writing.

By the time Monday hit, I was feeling really low because of the low word count and my general ineffectiveness with the 1up weekend.

But Huzzah!! Even with a side-trip for lunch with my sister, still managed to crank out another 5k, neatly wrapping up the action sequence I was so reluctant to start and barreling into a whole new chapter with added mystery and intrigue. Not giving any details on that one. 😉

Finished up Chapter Seven and added a few bits to the beginning of Chapter 8 on the bus this morning. More personal and professional drama surfaced this week, plus evenings filled with a return to the exercise/gym routine and a work side project. Leading a double life of a novelist and a regular person is steadily depleting my mana.

Luckily our out-of town adventure this weekend consists of staying at a place with views of nature and electrical outlets.


Power through as much as I can. At the moment, the 100,000 word goal seems pretty far out of reach, so I’m going to settle for 80,000 for the month and see if I can’t hit that mark a little easier.

Current Word Count: 56,050

REVISED GOAL: 80,000 words for the month

GOAL FOR THE WEEK: 66,050, which means writing 10k for the week. This seems manageable. This seems so much more manageable. 🙂

NaNoWriMo 2013: Week One


What happened this week? WHAT HAPPENED?

I had such grand plans to focus and dedicate myself stridently to 2000 words a day.

Yeah. That didn’t happen. So here’s what did…

After a first day which consisted of NO NEW WORDS (but I did finish up reading the draft) – I finally had to admit to myself that in order to move ahead, I was going to have to lag behind and remove the last five pages of the story. I cut them out, pasted them into another document and retooled the last scene.

It was… painful. It was a painful admission because I had planned to just push ahead and go back to fix it later but my brain refused to allow me to commit any more words until I’d committed to those cuts.

So my word count was reduced, then I spent most of Saturday and a wee bit of Sunday beefing it back up.

Monday I started off with the best of intentions, but then personal drama completely derailed me. Not that I didn’t make an effort but it’s hard to type when tears keeping falling on your keyboard and your heart and brain are in totally different places.

As the inevitable clusterfuck of N7 Day and Thor on Thorsday approached, I sort of just gave up during this week.

ALSO: I found myself at another roadblock where I have the entire action sequence laid out but precisely zero interest or motivation with WRITING IT OUT. I verbally explained it to my spouse, so it’s not that I don’t know what’s going to happen in the scene. I just, I kinda don’t care. I know the outcome and I know that it’s a resting point for those particular characters while I jump to the “Plot B” of this book.

At this point, I’d rather just jump to Plot B and come back to finish up Plot A when I’m in the mood. I guess that goes against the grains of all the writing rules but you know what? No one else is writing this book, so I’ll do what I please. 😉 The break has allowed me to do a lot of internal tooling of the main character and I’ve also decided I’m going to rework some of the earlier pieces. What I like about this particular stage of writing is that though I have a framework and outline to the story, when I’m writing things just kind of happen. Characters appear and take on a life and shape of their own. Decisions get made that I didn’t anticipate.

I like when my characters surprise me. Cause I think they will surprise the reader too.


Is to get back to my goal. To get back on track. Our beach trip plans were cancelled, so three completely open days stretch out before me. 72 hours of writing madness.

Current Word Count: 46,715
Where I Should Be: 55,386
GOAL FOR THE THREE-DAY WEEKEND: 61,386, which means writing an additional 14,671


“Don’t make me do this the hard way. Just take your medicine like a good boy,” I say, trying to affect sexy and charming. But there is too much fear and chaos happening to pull that off effectively. Rabbit’s not jumping at that bait. He is immune to my charms.

“Fine,” I snap, kneeing him in his privates. He opens his mouth with a gasp and I pop the pill past his lips, clasping my hand over his mouth and nose. He rolls to his side, curling in a fetal position and I tumble off into the grass, still keeping my grip.

“You have to swallow some time. Otherwise it’s going to dissolve in there,” I argue. “Either way, you need this.”

He shakes his head, the stubble from his cheeks rubbing roughly against my hands. Heat from his skin radiates all over my fingertips. He’s burning up with fever. It must be blood poisoning from his head wound or the NV in his system taking over.

After a full minute weakly struggling, thrashing his head, he gives up. I release my grip on him and roll over onto my back, panting. Searching the surrounding trees for signs of Prothero soldiers. I can’t hear them or see them yet, but I know they’re out there. I know they’re coming for us. Fast. We need to be fast.

“Drugs aren’t always going to be the answer,” Rabbit says with no particular inflection to his voice, his eyes dropping open. His pupils are already dilated to the size of saucers.

“Sure they are,” I respond, climbing to my feet.